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You say I like most people. You can get a sense of their their dis. Pretty quickly. He'd be like I know what you're Dick is absolutely i. I think that's one of the weird things. That's why boobs girls are gels about boobs. Guys are jealous about the perception of their but sometimes it goes the other way. Sometimes dudes have big Dick Energy and it's they don't John Right to check the decant sign cash there we go cash. That's how they make up for power and money with the fixing thing because you have a good day. have a fantastic raising sola. I loved her. Get into it. Tell me about pops. POPs he's toogood you got. We ended up getting leave it in what that's like I'm dead in the highlight reel is like people with a great interviewer Joe's talking to a black woman. Tell me about your PA. He was a rolling stone in my office was my dad was not a role he told you not to come it. That's a that's a WHO is that. That is the family matters All right now. What y'all came to don't don't don't use turned it in? All of that is the beam. Yes it's a quick conditions. Listen thing slaps I will play that in my car. Dude I have no shit. I don't care the songs that bring people right to the dance floor to wedding. Yes and you imagine do do that would bring everybody if somebody needs to see. Jennifer Hudson needs to cover it Like somebody who she would do a great job and here. Here's I liked him for Hudson though but I do not like her music. She's got a great voice. What does I don't exactly Lina? You don't you don't even know you never. I don't think I've ever I think I've heard maybe one of us on the radio I was like a wrecking. Aw Letter Miley Cyrus. HOW DARE I don't mind music wise? I don't mind Miley. Yeah she's fine. I'm not going kind of like turn the station. When one of them bother me with her music? She looks like if she was a roller-coaster refuse a mascot for a roller coaster. I don't WanNa ride it like it's going to have some like drop up that I'm like that's a bit much. There's so many initiatives about her. Then I'm like. Are you making fun of me like if I hung out with her I'd be like is this a bit. Are you telling me we're not really friends. The what I mean is the way that ice cube the sophomores that you're saying I'm like ice. Cube Lakes me. Something about whenever. I see miley Cyrus in the night before which is a great Christmas movie. Moi's like she she seems otherworldly and therefore everything she is. She's like kind of just pretending to be human. You don't trust her because she's she's a Popstar. Yeah I don't trust her a very hot people in general I don't trust. Yeah Yeah there may have everything in the palm of their hand. That's hot palm. They can do anything they want. I got sweaty palms. They're hot palms. That's that's why they go to the palm 'cause that's where they got the world and keep it going and we're done. Well we use music Jennifer Hudson sad pop. I was saying really quick. I wanted to just explain Jennifer Hudson's music really quickly and then we can talk about my dad because I went to one of her concerts last year. J Yes I've never been ahead no desire to go. My manager texts me and was like I bought tickets because I had never. I haven't been to the Hollywood bowl in. Oh wow she wanted to the Hollywood bowl. I just WanNa go on this day. I don't care who's playing but would you go with me. I feel like we're celebrating. Something really stupid by day. She yes or her schedule she was. I am free this day. Okay I don't care who's John Williams Robin Soundtrack to Star Wars. Ask First of all I would go to. I'VE NEVER UH-HUH I've never understood like that. That is a lie was a ban nerds pursued June wins. I fuck you up. I'm actually about to buy a new phone my I just. I'm Dr Eighty. I was talking with my food. Flute was born all right long before before without the flu. Cool she did but I missed. I've always missed my flute and I regretted stopping it so I'm going to bring it back but I gotta get a new one anyway. Davidson's flute eighty took up so much. But I went. I went to Jennifer Hudson's concert with my manager and we got high we did edibles and I'm sitting there and I'm like I don't know any of these songs and as I'm observing everyone. That's here I was like. What is the perfect way to describe this moment? How would I do if someone asked me cans? What was her concert like? How would I describe it and this is how I would describe it? It was was like being at Black Church inside of a gay club. That's perfect so black church. Exactly do there was is that. There's a youtube clip. That I love of a black pastor. Yes talking about how we need to love gay people and it's fucking have you seen it. I think I know what you're talking incredible and needs to be my guest tomorrow. Although I'm worried Sunday worry about talking to somebody even progressive person in the Church that I'm going to touch some electric offense and make me uncomfortable. Not Make them on me. It'll make me feel like only interview. People I agree with but I. I've traveled Church Carla Anyway. Of course but he he calls it out. It's like when you and I do dirty talk with David Spade. We you have like an hour and a half to write the jokes and we spend five minutes outside. We get the best the best and he's talking about real like you and me in the green room real on camera shirt. Dan and he says how many people do you know that that basically just saying he's saying more eloquently but he's like you know or gay but we kinda act like we don't know how many choir hire directors and the frequent. I've never seen footage of Everyone looks at the choir You're talking about me. I mean you could have your Andraos all year round pastels. That's a Pastel pink. Amber your word seven. That's a great band. Name Salmon in November or at least the first song salmon in November. I was just up at the end. It's such a shame that there's so many bad band names when there's so how many good ones I don't know if salmon in November is actually a good one but I'll Ansi right there with the feeling of a ban a passer serviceman or woman in power onstage today. Jr at the pulpit incur- state saying choir directors. And everybody's nobody's everyone's silent because that was my church. We had the very butch lesbian drummer in our band. Of course no disrespect. I feel like in every church but use the type we were all like. I wish somebody had just been like. Hey you're a lesbian and we love did you. And that's fine. I mean not on stage topically right but because you never know maybe like a high end tights. A what Heian Ryan type military haircut the high in tight. That's what they shaved high and tight. It's a haircut. That like the dad from American Beauty Chris Speaking of speaking of I know homosexuals. That can't my sister. Mr went to a baptism of her friends newborn a like a year ago. So no baptists I guess Baptist doing maybe I guess I'll do it because I was. We were now. We had a christening. I grew up episcopal couple and we did a christening and it was the same it was like a Piscopo is the opposite of the word cuss. A PISCOPO is what you say to end. This is a stop episcopal. The cops are here to record this guy's Presbyterian Meena said Presbyterian direction so this this couple is a great safe word episcopal or piscopo alien uncut gems hunk tweet. I saw that I just thought to work. Ah Years as them. Baptism and I did. My sister went. It was her friends. Newborn and the pastor was basically saying let this baby be healthy. Grow Up to be strong not not gay. He didn't he did. I don't know he didn't say that wasn't a quote but that is basically what he said. That's Gerland Langer Real. I mean that is that is a joke that gay friend of mine. I don't know if it's a joke. He's like you go to an interracial gay wedding black man white man. The congregation all white. I mean I don't know if that's still true. I hope that's no it is it's still it's getting a little bit better with the younger people. Like young people are now that hip hop his transition into a lot of hip hop people. Like dude who are gay out openly out a really. Yeah Tyler. The Creator Ocean. He's not hip hop but he's in that same crew. Yeah every I I almost said I stopped myself. What fun little little gnaws with a little it a little knives ex little guy phone yes sir? All right. So he's a little bit bigger than us But he's got three lenses he hasn't it hit this past year outta touch. What was it hometown old old town? That's all he seems about my town road. You're young town road old town road. Yes a Willie Nelson Song he did. He did country. He's got a rapper that his he came out with this country song. That went viral up. Billy Ray Cyrus did a remix of it and it's huge all white people remixing black people's countries on this. This is where we are now. God what's is where we are. Yeah no I know. It's crazy but he gay so so they're coming coming out. So there is a at she reigns and gay and gay. Thanks you ready angry. That is something we talk about. Dude if Tiffany Haddish did this by which I hope she did I. I would say that to her what I say to you. Yes you and I talk a lot about Balance Down something that my dad said just been about what you just normal who can read then I okay. I'm like a doctor I won't be it. Looks like it says norm MacDonald McDonalds McDonalds Adam. Corolla Roy say tiffany. Oh yeah because I said he's GonNa say all the time if you're on an airplane and the the screen in the seat back in front of you you can show for movies at a time if you're in three of those movies Slowdown go go. Watch the sunset or something yes right yes and that is is what I would want to pick the brain of tiff. What isn't that? Hey Heart I'm like what's going on guys. That's a lot like how are are you sleeping breathing..

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