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The day to day with high temperatures ranging from the low 80s of the coast to the low 90s inland we'll have northwesterly winds between ten and twenty miles per hour from npr and wbur i'm robin young i'm jeremy hobson is here and now can republicans vying the votes to pass their latest obamacare repeal and replace bill through the senate that's the question today as the graham cassidy bill gets its first hearing in the senate finance it's committee joining us now is julie rottner chief washington correspondent for kaiser health news i julie i jeremy and on friday senator mccain announce his opposition to the villain it sounded like that was it for graham cassidy but it sounds like there's been a lot of wielding and dealing since then that's right there are fifty two republicans in the senate they can ford to lose two and then have vice president mike pence break the thai so mccain seems to be a definite 'no rand paul of kentucky seems to be a definite 'no um boat everybody else's still sort of in place so they're still trying to push forward hoping they can get every other republican in the senate to vote for this and thus pass it when you say rand paul looks like a definite know i've seen some reporting over the weekend that he he may be one over if they change some things about the bill while they did change some things about the and rand paul spokesman said this morning uh that he's still a now i you know you never you do never know who is in play i think were if it were pretty confident that mccain will stay in now but we're also pretty confident that susan collins who actually he hasn't said yet we'll be a now so i mean it is teetering on the brink but yes everybody is still at least allegedly in play and this vote will happen when if it does well if it does what what senator mcconnell has said all along is this vote will happen when they have fifty votes i mean that's literally the truth as someone said in know the old line is when you have the votes you vote when you don't have the votes you talk but there is this is a complicated procedure they're using and there's actually know talking time left on this bill if they were to bring it to the floor.

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