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In which the state exploits black people in order to fill up the in order to fulfil his revenue knowing the story. About what happened in ferguson as well as the underlying iceberg. you know we talk about minneapolis. We talk about we talk about you know charlottesville charlotte all these different sites of uprising in. It's always in the media. The narrative is like old black death while that black death may have been the catalyst. There's an iceberg under their of historic deprivation historic lack of resources story exploitation that causes that know that uprising for that causes the inciting event In seoul the pain may cause the inciting men but in order to continue to vision future. It has to be informed by you. Know love and care and wanted to make. For the other people around you in noxious painted you experience. Both both of you had beautiful responses today. I want i want to go a little deeper In into that. I think it's important for audience to just kinda here and dont'a as you were finishing up your response you you you went and you reflected on the names of those who have been killed by police. Brutality and any acquitted acquitted that to the pain that creates one allowed times in this new age of video of seeing that it literally reliving that but also just the decades long of the pain that has caused within That's the stomach Brutality and i guess that's what i'm leading to is that i equate racial justice in climate justice. The same and i i this four initiative a you know an example. I would say you know. Imagine if the movement for black lives was a was a movement because it's an issue that everybody should be concerned about matter who you are but imagine the moon for black lives was started by predominantly white people and then fifty years later. We ought is thought that fleetwood holiday with something that white groups dealt with and black people were trying to be like. No this is important. This affects our community And because they have become so entrenched into one's doing it we kinda sometimes forgot that that that connection. And what i mean by that is that now. We're seeing that those who are first and worst those who are they're putting petrochemicals and coal fire power plants and pollution and incinerators all kinds of things within black and brown and it didn't as communities for years. We're seeing that. Actually one who have been impacted by the pollution is exactly the ones who have been impacted by the taliban but because the ones who have been layering that they we. We're now just getting to that almost fifty years later. It's spent some time across the board with of justice and obviously that aspect but really as far as understanding environmental Aspects to injustice was happening people now connecting the dots and say. Whoa whoa. whoa i now. Seeing that they're putting these pipelines like wine three on line five will and it goes through black and indigenous or brownsville. Oh whoa whoa will a mouse seeing that sixty eight percent black within thirty miles per hour. Power plant whoa. Whoa whoa i'm now. Seeing on on the housing community that public house means that are.

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