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On tackle Virginia Tech Hokies were the only F B s school to offer. Dara saw a scholarship and he rewarded them by starting all but two games over the last three seasons. Paris All finished off his college career with a first team All a cc selection size is not the issue at 643 22. Neither are his strong hands or nimble feet. Scouts just wish Tarasov finished plays better. I love this picked by by Minnesota, and there's no excuses this year. They have to go back and make the playoffs. Now. I know that this team and this conference is much tougher the NFC than it is the A F. C when you look at the amount of playoff spots that are open, But you look at this offense now. Kirk cousins, not great. But he could get to the playoffs. You got Jefferson. You got cook. You got dealing. Now you're adding another offensive lineman, and Christian Dara saw Mike Zimmer. I don't You know, when you look at coaches that have pressure on in this year, Mike Zimmer is close to as you know, right to the top of the list because it seems as every year it's make the playoffs. Mr Players make the playoffs missed the playoffs. He's got to get that defense cooking once again in 2021 between him and Spielman. They they're both gonna feel it. I still feel that for all of the offensive weapons that they have For everything that this team does. They're going to put up points. They're just inconsistent. The Minnesota Vikings have just seemingly been an average team. They haven't gone over that hump. I don't know if they will. I don't see summer there for long to be honest, and I look at Darius Oh, here's why I also like the Dara saw pick he seasoned. He was one of only nine true of freshman offensive lineman to start week one in the FBS in 2018. He's a 20 21st team, all SEC player. He started every game he played in each of the past two seasons. So 24 games Starting at the college level at the offensive line spot the Steelers pick is in. We're going to stay put here, guys, we could take a break. I we're gonna take a break and we'll find out who the Steelers are going to take when we come on back. Is it running back? Or is it an offense alignment to help Big Ben? We'll find out when the 2021 NFL draft show does continue right here on CBS.

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