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Now, we want to show you a quick look at rain on our cameras. Here's four of them stationed around southern California. We have many more NBC four also as the most advanced live radar network in town and Fritz Coleman is tracking it in your first alert forecast Fritz light and scattered that will be the first part of the evening true. Periods of heavy rain between now and when I joined you at eleven o'clock, however, we have storm ranger for on-duty out in south west. Seamy valley keeping an eye on the Wolsey and he'll fire burn scars. Let's say look at the potential for mudslides there. If you see anything blue as we go through time in the future of the storm. That's okay. That's below a half inch of rain falling per hour. Anything above that yellow and red represent a threat for mudslides. And as we go through the whole future of this strong. We see nothing that wanders outside the blue area. Good news for the hill and Wolsey fire area. Now, we have exactly the same data, but with different colors as we look at the holy fire. Burns for anything red or yellow is a problem and that would probably be seven or eight o'clock tomorrow morning. We're going to start to see a plume of moisture coming up at a southern Orange County northeastern up through the San Bernardino mountains lasting through nine or ten o'clock in the morning and the area adjacent to the holy fire area, and maybe encroaching on the Cranston fire little later in the morning. So the holy in Cranston fire burn scars. Have a greater potential for maybe a little problem tomorrow morning one or two periods. We'll show you when this might happen on the future cast morning commute. Looks like will evolve.

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