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2 A.m. with no electricity. That's nine hours. Austin Energy. Here's another one houses outage rolling when it's been going on for eight hours. Michelle says, dealing with an outage in a house with a newborn for eight hours. Please help. Here's another one for Marla. Northwest. Austin has been without electricity since 2 A.m.. I can see my breath in my own home, Nathan says. Well, his tweet was a little profane, so I'm not gonna be able to read it, but it was directed at Mayor Adler. It's tea and in Austin energy. What are you gonna say? Yeah, I said we'll see tacky with his language. I don't blame him. But for someone to be able to literally see their breath in the road home, man, pour Le Here's another one. No, no power in Clarksville. No power along stuff. Stone Lake. No power in the dripping springs area as well. These these folks are starting to really feel it and they're getting very angry on Angela. Here's what she tweets. This is criminal. Austin Energy pulls in massive amounts of cash and tax credits for being a utility provider, and they can't even do this right. Y'all shouldn't have your own monopoly here. I'm making this my political goal. Yeah, That's pretty interesting. She's she's upset. Yeah, folks Away, remembers back in 1989, which which is probably about the last time that we Had this kind of cold. Uh, we didn't have blackouts. We didn't have rolling blackouts at all. Well, we also We also didn't depend so much on wind energy as well back then. Well, there you go. Whenever you get about 30% of your power Through windmills and they freeze for 567 days. You're gonna go without electricity. That's that's the that is the eggs. That is the problem that we're dealing with at this very moment is the frozen windmills putting strain on the grid and then yeah, they're just not able to produce. When windmills here the satellite TV of energy, I guess so. Let's we quote me on that. Let's squeeze in John checking in from Round rock this morning. Hey, John. Good. You're good Morning Act. I've been trying to build a 220 megawatt power plant halfway between Hutto and Taylor. We've got the land. We've got the air permits. Haircuts been screwing around. Um, By the way, you probably want to put praise my name. I was the chief debater for the South Texas nuclear project in the 1976. 1976 election that kept Austin in the South Texas nuclear program. Back up a second. Hang on a second. Hang on a second. Who are you? Who are you with? And what do you talking about? My name is John Gordon. There's a group of 17 of us that invested in land between halfway between huddle and Taylor next to an electric substation to build a 220 megawatts. Um, uh, reciprocating engine diesel type, uh, power plant because we know her cot is 5000 megawatts short of their capacity. That's why you've got everybody's is out of power. Uh, they're turned off because ERCOT doesn't have the reserves and they've been lying to the public. I've been telling everybody this. I even told it to the ERCOT leaderships face down in a South Texas conference. You 5000 megawatts. We wouldn't be having people out if they'd be building the reserve capacity. Yeah, I've got an air permit to build the plan. What's the name of the group? Give us. I mean, what's the name of the organization s so I could find more Which energy saying again ranks which energy? Brain switch energy. Okay, I went in, and 19 went in in 2000 and 15 and sat down with the guy that was ahead of Georgetown's utility and said, We'll sell you 108 megawatts of power or we'll sell you. The power plan are you talking about? We're gonna build natural gas. Natural gas. Is that what you're using? Yeah, it would be natural gas fired, but it doesn't use water. It's it's It's like a truck engine, but it's fired by natural gas. Yeah. Somewhere. Where you in this project where? Give me an idea. Where you in this project? I'm looking at your website. This is the real deal. What do you give us? An update. We got the air permit. We have the land. I don't know what that means. I don't know what that means. You got the air permit. That means that Texas environment T c E kids, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has given us a clear permit to build the plant and run it. So what's the holdup? ERCOT has been pricing their electricity so cheap and telling everybody that we got plenty of capacity. It's a line clearly, we don't We don't have a good and I've been Go ahead. What? We almost had the same blackouts in in, um, in, uh, a year and a half ago in August we were that close to having blackouts, then. The cove. It reduced the demand this past summer, but you get a good cold spell like we get, and by the way, I was a two public utility commission in 1989. When we were about do rolling blackouts, which did happen not in Austin, but in the round rock area, and we I was discussing Getting the South Texas plan to come back online. It was in an adage within our seed for an emergency permit to bring in about half of their power capacity s O. I've been complaining that ERCOT Has been lying to the public. They don't have the reserve to meet these special conditions. Johnny John result, Johnny V. Had a chance to talk with Williamson County commissioners or anything like that. Judge Gravel. Yeah, they If you know who I am, Everyone knows who I am. I've been telling him this now they're seeing it. I've been warning about this year after year. Yeah, well, I'm looking at your website, and it's well it's wanted, so it's it's great website, and it outlines everything you're talking about here. So what's you think Haircut is in your way, producing a new power plants and Williamson County. That's right. And, uh Schwartz ner. I mean, Fortner are Senator He better call me in at the at the Legislature. I mean, Was a chief chief debater in 1976 for keeping Austin in the South Texas nuclear project. Yeah, you should. Everybody should be praising the heck out of me right now. I got you, man. I'll read a little bit more. And I appreciate you calling man. It seems like there's a lot on your plate here. And you got the land acquisition over there in West Taylor. And it's one of the property. It was a substation wouldn't be owned by encore. Is that how it work? He's gone, All right. I wish you'd call back. Yeah, that's that's pretty interesting. He's a registered professional engineer named John Gordon. And he's been tracking all of this stuff and his website frames. Switch energy dot net S. Oh, there you go. We have to go to their main communications of the 911 system early this morning..

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