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It. I lied I do it now and go. Well it's just three pounds of liquid. He's just just put them all right so On instagram at Adam. Bobo nurse Bobo and and your company is called Erique in Asheville and grandma's at Air Nashville and that's spelled A.. R. E. T.. I'll say what it means. It's like something. Fancy the Greek Greek and means excellence of any time. Hey I didn't know how to say it forever. I was just like Hey Bobo come over all right. There nurse Bobo. Adam bubble and incensed against happy New Year Babo is about to Joe. Lia is on the phone in Florida Lee. Good Morning. Good Morning Bobby Morning Studio. What's with you? Have a huge Dylan. Veteran need help so my sister is getting ready to propose at the end of January and he wanted me to try on the ring yesterday to see if they would fit they never looked at brings together and the ring is super extra Super Gaudy my sisters so simple and I don't know if I said Tell L. Him. Mom called me this morning. I was like you need to tell them. I don't know too so good question. Well first of all my first question is do you have the same ring finger size is. You're trying it on for her. We're actually the same. Okay so what do you think about this Wow that's hard because in this is the opposite of what sometimes you hear like some girls would be like. Oh it's not it's not enough but this is like too much not too much expensive like too much extra extra. Oh man that I feel like if you know her style you know her taste you need to tell him and I feel like he wouldn't have come to you if he didn't want some sort of feedback and it's it's not like you're throwing feedback at them where you're going. Oh here's what I feel about even though you didn't ask right yeah he's asking for your help and and you love your sister more than him her in mind and you're saving her from having to go the rest of her life with extra Gotti ring or you're saving her from having to even tell him awkward and then and then they may not stay together because it's so awkward so you can take the audience. Then they the divorce rate goes up and then we're penalized and it's all because you said okay. Here's what we're going to say. He did come to you for advice. Not like you just saw it in a box right. He came to you. I I would say. Let's just call them. Chuck no an arm name for fellow of. How old is he only twenty? Okay not many Chuck's twenty but okay. We'll say hey chuck. I know you love her. I know you show me this ring. I don't think this is her style and it is going to be awkward but you has a loving sister. Have to take that awkwardness on you in her honor. And you say totally do it. Yeah you ha- my advice is he came to you to run it by. Oh you you should have. It ran by you truly and sincerely and go. I don't think this is for her. I know her before you go and get something. She doesn't like I would suggest kind of scaling it down our even put it like hey you you probably knew this before you got it. That she loves really simple things and make 'em kind of empower him to make that decision even to go I'm I'm not saying change it but you know you you know as well as I do. She really loves simple things. So if you could find I would yeah. It's an awkward thing I'm GONNA say that Leah. I think that's super helpful. Thank you and Yeah Good Luck. Let us know how it goes. I shy I'll albin happy new year. Happy New Year she is all right. Lee Everybody I've talked to you by it. Jal Disparate Stash Bill. Hollywood Morgan number two thirty seven Jayco and broke his wrist while he was teaching his daughter. Pearl had a skateboard. He boasted on social media and it would take four to six weeks to heal. But he's a fast healer lady. Antebellum announced their ocean in two thousand twenty tour. They're bringing Jake Owen Madyan tail along with them. The tour kicks off. May twenty-first in New Mexico tells me Ballerini shared on her social media a long list of New Year's resolutions. Some of them are not her phone more eating more veggies and drinking less wine reading books and smiling a lot. I'm Morgan number two. That's your skinny..

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