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Been the victim of gun violence. All the time while congress stood by and did nothing Gifford said down the time for Democrats and Republicans to join together to do something about gun violence. Stocks closed higher for third straight session. The Dow was up two hundred and fifty six points. This is NPR and this is KCRW at seven oh four. Good evening. I'm Steve take is. Here's what's happening right now a plan to retrofit an immigration detention center in the antelope valley is a womens gaol is on hold right now and could be dead. The LA county board of supervisors postponed a vote on the matter earlier today, a proposal that had long been opposed by criminal Justice advocates supervisor Sheila you'll calling for postponing that vote for several weeks saying she's unable to support it right now in its current adoration a proposal to reconstruct the mirror Loma detention center into a jail for women. The board will revisit as I said in a matter of weeks cure says she's a no because of the sheer distance the jail would be from where the women come from. And where their families would have to. Travel to her colleagues supervisor Hilda says she's also a know given the proposals current iteration she says right now she's committed to finding new strategies to keep families closer together and lower recidivism the state approved one hundred million dollars in funding for the work back in two thousand fourteen but two hundred fifteen million dollars more in funding from the county requires four of five LA county board members to approve and again, we have to no votes in its current edition. That will revisit in several weeks. A transgender inmate is suing California accusing the state of failing to protect prisoners who identify as LGBTQ. She's calling on the State Department of corrections to better protect such inmates and to comply with the law federal law aimed at reducing rape behind bars. Here's KCRW Sherry Glaser. Candice Crowder alleges trans prisoners are abused systematically in two thousand fifteen she was placed in a salad. Corcoran state prison in the central valley with an inmate who harassed her and forced her to perform. Sex axe. She told prison staff a short time later, she says her cellmate raped her Crowder says when she asked for medical treatment, she was ignored. Instead she claimed she was put in solitary confinement for almost nine months in part to protect her and it didn't stop there. The Sacramento bee reports in two thousand sixteen Crowder was transferred to a prison hospital where she again was first threatened then violently attacked Crowder says guards did nothing to stop the attack implying. She had provoked KCRW Sherry Glaser reporting a study by researcher at UC Irvine back in twenty oh seven found the trans inmates were more likely to be assaulted in prison than the general population right now in the state of California, you already have the option to opt for digital receipts at many restaurants and stores, but a new Bill would make digital receipts default by twenty twenty two unless you ask for a paper one democrat, Phil ting. The bay area says that law would be the first of its kind in the United States the assembly member comparison. The ban on plastic straws dining restaurants that went into effect of the beginning of this year. He also says receipts are coded in a toxic chemical that can cause neurological issues to think that every time I'm getting received. I have to touch a BPA filled receive seems to be not only responsible, but also very dangerous. No report from the consumer advocacy group. Green America finds it at least ten million trees and twenty one billion gallons of water used to make paper receipts every year. In the United States seven seven KCRW support for NPR comes from the Andrew w Mellon foundation. Guided by the belief that the arts and humanities are essential to the well-being of diverse and democratic societies..

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