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Andrew O'day, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio coming up hungry. Why timing your meals could be key to lose. Wait Cape air right here. It's the allot to love sales event. At granted Subaru in Hudson. New Hampshire granite has the Subarus. You are looking for including the number one rated compact SUV in the industry. The totally redesigned two thousand nineteen Subaru forester and the number one rated mid size SUV. The all new seven passenger two thousand nineteenth Subaru assent. Granted also has a great selection of the two thousand nineteen th Subaru crosstrek and right now zero percent financing is available on legacy and outback during Subaru's a lot to love sales event. Every Subaru has all wheel drive in his five star safety rating, and you can buy with confidence. As granite Subaru has been nationally recognized as New Hampshire's two thousand nineteenth Subaru dealer raider dealer of the year. Subaru the best selling all wheel drive cars in America. Visit the family owned and operated granite Subaru. One ninety three little road in Hudson New Hampshire and just minutes from the Massachusetts border. Always online at granite. Subaru dot com. Introducing portal from Facebook smart, hands free video calling that makes it feel like you're in the same room. Even when you're miles apart portal features, smart camera and smart sound. So wherever you move in the room, you'll be seen and heard clearly, which means even if you move over here or here, you'll always be in frame, and your voice will be heard crisply, plus play all your favorite music on iheartradio with rich. Hi fi sound portal from Facebook. If you can't be there feel their portal dot Facebook dot com. Ladies and gentlemen, Ron burgundy check check is this on episode of the Ron burgundy podcast is available to download her play right now on iheartradio. It'd be up front with you. We're gonna make some mistakes along the way open the free iheartradio app. And listen or download for later. We can edit that out lots of hard hitting questions for woman dumps you can you have her arrested in lots of laughs. There's a new episode available. Now, just ask Alexa play. The Ron burgundy podcast on iheartradio. This report is sponsored by h and R Block tax day is coming and this year more than ever you're probably wanting some help head over to h and R Block no one knows tax reform better than black and their tax pros. We'll get you every credit deduction dollar. You deserve make an appointment walk in or drop off your docks that a block office near you. I breaking news first, it's important. Why what happened in the world? And in your neighborhood. Newsradio six forty two..

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