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The Giants are the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Just a few moments ago. Our national anthem, please remain standing and remove your caps for the plane of our national anthem performed this evening by stadium organist. Wayne Hilton. I don't know. All right now that's a national anthem with a little flourish at the end from the organist at Busch Stadium in ST Louis, where it's an 84 degree night. And the Giants and the Cardinals will play Game two of the three game series were just a few minutes still from the start of tonight's game. So let's set the starting lineup sponsored by the Dolan law firm, the best lawyers. We hope you'll never need. We'll start with the Giants, who are a season high 26 games over 500 James continue to have The best record in all the Big League baseball, and they continue to have a fairly small lead in the National League West two games ahead of the Dodgers into standings but still in first in the West. The Giants have Austin Slater hitting leadoff tonight and starting in left field, Donovan Solano. The second baseman will bat second. Mike Ostrovsky coming off his two home run game in right field, hitting third. Darren Rough, the first baseman and cleanup hitter, Wilmer Flores, third basement bats fifth. Kurt Sally doing the catching. He hit six tonight. Stephen Duggar in center field banning seventh Tiro Estrada, the shortstop could place a Brandon Crawford if you missed Gabe Kapler. A few minutes ago, we asked Gabe about Brandon. He was very hopeful that Crawford is available off the bench. They believe strongly that it was, in fact, just a cramp. Not something more serious last night, but they are especially with the left handed pitcher on the mound, just being a little extra cautious, so we'll see. If we see Brandon in the game tonight. He is not starting Estrada at shortstop, hitting eighth, and the Giants pitcher is Anthony Disco Vanni. He bats night 10 and three with the 268 earned run average. It'll be his 19th start of the year first start since the All Star break and start against the Cardinals team. He has seen a lot in the past, although not yet. Year in 2021. Meanwhile, the Cardinals 44 47 there the fourth place team in the Central, Nine games behind the Brewers in that division, Dylan Carlson. The switch hitting right fielder bats. Leadoff for ST Louis. Paul Goldschmidt, first baseman hit second Dolinar Nado. At third base again tonight. He hits third. Tyler O'Neill in left field, batting cleanup. Yadier Molina doing the catching, hitting fifth. Tommy Edmund, the second basement and six places called the Young shortstop hit seventh. Harrison Bader in center field, batting eighth. And the starting pitcher for the Cardinals is Kwon Young Kim. It'll be his 16th started the year He's got a 3.11 earned run average giant saw him and he pitched seven shutout innings against him on the last home stand before the All Star break. And got the win in that game. So Kim on the mound for the Cardinals and batting night. Jim Reynolds, the home plate umpire, Todd Tickner. The umpires first. Tony Randazzo, its second Chadwick Tsen. The umpire at third, and the Giants and the Cardinals are ready to go from ST Louis on this Saturday afternoon. Still here in the Bay Area, That's where we are Dave Fleming alongside Randy Winn. Great to have Randy with us. Again for the broadcast tonight. The Giants will have Austin Slater leading off against Kima and Jim Reynolds says play ball. The left hander delivers the first pitch of the night and it's low for Ball one. So Slater, Solano and you stretch ski against this Cardinals left hander. Likes to work fast pitches in there for a called strike and Randy. I know you've done a lot of video work looking at what makes KK as they call him. Kim has really been effective. He pitched well against the Giants pitched six more shutout innings. Against the Cubs, His last start before the break, 112 Slater, and he chops it on the ground. To short, the young has it on a backhand quick release to first in time to get Boston Slater want Yang kun is has pitched really well this season coming off a bit of a hot streak, 15 scoreless innings from him, We're going to see a four pitch mix. He's got a fastball, curveball, slider change. The slider is his swing and miss pitch. He will throw that to righties and lefties and lately verse writings. He's been throwing it more back door so interesting to see if he attacks that side of the plate or if he's going to go back to the inside part of the plate, first right hand hitters. He gets later to start the game. One out bases empty as Donovan Solano stands in 6 15 ST Louis time. First pitch time, Big, slow curve Boyd and throw that a lot, but it is a slow curveball that was 66 miles an hour and missed outside for ball one. Solano takes a strike from Kim Solano had a couple of hits. Last night's game for the Giants. 6 15 84 degrees, So it's relatively warm. It's humid Ze Luis typical for July. Solano swings and misses right over Top. The changeup strike to Game time attempt sponsored by U. C S F health. Redefining possible Kim showing all his pitches. So far, I showed that super slow curve balls back that up with the slider than a change up showing that he does have a nice feel for all his pitches, one to Mrs inside with the fastball, and he's not a flamethrower top out around 90 91 miles an hour, but he has impeccable command and attacks all quadrants of the zone. Here's the 22 pitch..

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