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In the nineteen eighty s the satanic panic shook the United States to its core when accusations of the ritual sexual abuse of children flew in every direction. But the paranoia that spawned these claims began much earlier. The first time many Californians heard the term satanist may have been in nineteen sixty six when Anton levay founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco. But though his movement had a controversial name, it didn't inspire much outrage at first. He only had a few hours most considered levay to be nothing more than a harmless crank for the rest of the country. Their first frightening introduction to Satanism came two years later in nineteen sixty eight when the horror movie Rosemary's baby was released to critical and popular. Acclaim originally, a novel Rosemary's baby told the story of a secret group of cultists who arranged for an innocent woman to be impregnated with Satan's child the next year in nineteen, sixty, nine, they publish the Satanic Bible for Him Satan was not a physical creature with a pitchfork and horns instead he was a symbol of liberty and rebellion against prudish controlling establishment. In the first part of the book called the Book of Satan levay wrote in this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my voice that you may here to the east and to the West I, beckon to the north and to the south I show a sign proclaiming death to the weakling wealth to the strong. But. The Satanic Bible wasn't as revolutionary or controversial as it pretended to be Levin attacked the concepts of good and evil. Well as organized religion, but his critiques weren't very original or shocking. The book also outlined the philosophy of his church which borrowed from or even plagiarized concepts from social darwinism along with the writings of Radnor redbeard in Ayn. Rand Lavale also argued for a hedonistic lifestyle believing that it was human nature to give into lust greed and the individual ego hardly. A shocking concept at the time. Indeed the only thing in the book that went beyond recycled philosophy was the final section. There Lavalin gave dubious instructions for various magic spells and invocations to the devil which looked a lot more frightening and impressive than they were because they did not actually believe in the supernatural these were meant to read as performance art pieces. Overall much if not, all of the Satanic Bible was derivative of other philosophies and debunked works of alleged black magic. Some purchase the book has a novelty but few gave it. Any credence for now levey was largely ignored but it wasn't long before public interest in the occult grew beyond just a money making opportunity for Authors and movie studios in August of Nineteen, sixty nine, the same year the Tanic Bible was published stories about depraved colts became gruesome reality that month Charles Manson and his Bohemian followers brutally. Murdered seven people in Los Angeles among the victims was actress Sharon Tate who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time of her death. Immediately, the Manson murders were sensational news around the country. All of a sudden reality was more terrifying than the bloodiest film at the center of it. All was Charles Manson almost overnight he became one of the world's most notorious villains evil in carnet. He was a genuine cult leader, a man who commanded his followers to murder innocent victims including an unborn baby in the service of a dark medical plan. Is Crimes were modern proof of the ancient stories about satanic child murderers. Tales of the attacks were further sensationalized morbidly fascinating the nation for years to come, and in many ways, Manson's family played specifically to the paranoia of white suburban Americans that an evil force was coming to take their innocent children is violent cult was composed primarily of young middle-class women who were drawn in by the hippie movement of the time. Every night, the news reported more about how the women were plied with LSD and Mesmerized by bizarre evil ideology following the murders the truth about the cult emerged Manson told his followers that there was a secret coded message hidden in the Beatles white album according to him the lyrics of helter skelter four told an upcoming apocalyptic race war for which he and his followers had to prepare. Soon, Manson wasn't described as a horrific isolated case is violence was conflicted with anything and everything the news could link him to. In this environment of rising dread things like the Satanic Bible no longer seemed like harmless novelties instead of a bit of spurious hedonistic nonsense depraved devil worship suddenly seemed like a real possibility. Charles Manson made America fear a new dimension of evil and everything he was associated with from rock music to the rise of hallucinogenic drug use were all loosely lumped under the same counterculture umbrella that led directly to Satan's doorstep. The Amorphous counterculture movement had been a favorite boogeyman conservative adults for years young people throughout the country sought new experimental, more tolerant lifestyles. They also fiercely criticised the establishment and the ideal of the American dream this trend combined with the burgeoning civil rights and antiwar movements in the US made many feel that the country was under attack after years of worry the changing nation prove to them that their fears weren't unfounded. They were very real threats in the eyes of these frightened parents they're growing children were poisoned by immorality an shortsightedness. There were plenty of potential scapegoats but after the Manson family murders, a huge portion of the blame felony era's popular music. In a bizarre hypocrisy many. But into Manson's claims that satanic messages really were hiding on rock albums though they decried the cult leader as an evil liar, they cherry picked his claims that supported their fears into kind of dress rehearsal for the later satanic panic accusations. Baseless rumors were repeated ad nauseam until a sizable number of people in the US gave them. Credence people started playing albums backwards searching for hidden infernal messages in reality bands like the Beatles were experimenting with. Hiding Easter eggs in their music. For example, using back masking a technique in which a sound is recorded backward onto a track, the Beatles had inserted a reverse lyric in their song rain. It just wasn't satanic though there were some legitimate instances of back masking not every rumor about it rang true when people found something they thought was demonic they played for their friends with ample encouragement. Even skeptics could be convinced that there were devilish words hidden in the meaningless reverse sounds. As it turns out the human mind has a natural tendency to search for patterns, images and distinct. Even, where none exist this psychological phenomenon is known as Peres DOLLAH. Looking into the sky and comparing clouds to animals or spotting gnarled faces and tree trunks are examples of visual Peres Dalia but this can influence our perception when listening to music as well. We don't always simply here what is played to us instead, we hear what we want to psychologists. Diana Deutsch discovered that by broadcasting the same sounds through two speakers at slightly different rhythms. Listeners could be tricked into believing that phantom words or phrases were being played. She also found that the words people.

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