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It's 3 18 traffic and weather on the eight starting to get a little busy, Dave. Yeah, shaping up to be a busier day. For sure. Green Bell Bell Way. The wreck on the outer loop underneath Kenworth Avenue, Right. Half block. Two left lanes are getting by the rescue squad. Do not bail on the parkway. It's a heavy rescue response to a serious crash on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between NASA and powder mill. All of North bound traffic has been completely stopped for about 30 minutes. Now, the Goddard exit is employees. Only a lot of drivers getting desperate and turning around. On a muddy median strip and bound to see one or two gets stranded at the maroon there. South found the alert for that legal action and expect significant rubbernecking. There's another crash onto 95 north bound north of Route 100 that's causing its own separate backup. In other words, you want to stick with 95. No crashes. No delays reported between the two beltways to 70. Good through Montgomery County. Up above it Closed is 28 West Montgomery Avenue Westbound because of the recovery of the dump truck crash, traffic is turned around her Nelson Street or set north on to 70 can't get the South bound ramp the ramp from north bound to 70 Go west toward Darnestown Exit six be remains blocked in the district. Lot of blockheads remain following Inauguration day. It'll take time. Your Federal Triangle Metro Center on the surface streets, the numbers and letters, but the major arteries are reopening like Constitution Avenue that's open alongside the national Independence Avenue remains closed title days and all Potomac and Anacostia River Bridges are open. No access from the Southwest Freeway and 14th Street Bridge. Two exits 123 and four B If you're westbound Third Street Tunnel, though, is wide open. Dave Tilden w T o p. Traffic. We have Amelia Draper. It's storm team for the weather story for the remainder of the work week on into the weekend. All about the chill lows tonight in the upper twenties to mid thirties mid to upper forties.

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