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The transport sector is a larger share of us greenhouse gas emissions now then power generation as the industrial sector is twenty to twenty five percent of ghg emissions and then there's agriculture and landuse oil and gas systems and so that that scope requires purdie a pretty broadbased approach now you can do that like the obama administration did were you have a regulatory agenda that tries to tackle those sectors individually or you can do it through economywide legislation but i don't know even if we went to zero missions in the power sector tomorrow we would only of tackled about a quarter of the of the challenge totally fair points you know i i just i look at what's happening today with the decarbonisation of the electricity sector and natural gas plays such a prominent role and if you consider the rise of shale gas it came from a deregulatory agenda under the george w bush administration at the epa and a multi decade investment at the department of energy into new drilling techniques m it was not a mandate for natural gas and now today decades later after this is all played out natural gas is helping us lower carbon emissions so well i i think that a pretty much any policy tool we have in the tool kit we need to start considering i i do believe there are other ways to get us to unlocking lowcarbon technologies than just simply putting out a mandate or a complicated cap and trade system and again i'm i'm not really passing judgment on any particular policy.

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