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Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on Twitter. History was made over the weekend. With the world's first ever transgender boxer. There was a couple of scars between his chest and abdomen that remained visible from where where the surgery occurred to remove breasts. But Patricio Manuel insisted on no special treatment, which I like before or during the fight made it abundantly clear at the fighters meeting on Friday even requested that ringside commentators. Don't even mention that. He was once a woman. Of course, they did. I mean historic first time it's ever happened. Of course, they're going to mention it. But then this person used to be a woman is now a man goes out and fights men in the boxing ring and had a unanimous decision victory over Hugo Agar that hundred twenty eight pounds super featherweight division. That's pretty amazing. That is pretty cool. That's I mean, that's amazing. He he's he's not asking for special dispensation. He's not trying to you know, change the rules because used to be a woman, none of those things, and what's his name Patricio men. Well, I'm a fan. So seriously, I mean, no special treatment doesn't mention is for purposes moving up in competition as opposed to others in the past and the other way right advantage. Your man, you're transitioning to a woman, and then you fight. Then you fight women seems to be an unfair advantage Patricio, whatever the last two, and he said. I'm in a position where I can help. And I I wanted to help. And that's it. You can't hide it. I'm not trying to hide it either. But I'm not gonna use it as publicity gotta love that. Okay. Yeah. Love that. Cool. There seems to be a lot of this going around with transitioning here in sports, and you know, maybe we're just hearing about it a lot now. But it seems like this didn't use to happen doesn't it? I don't know if it's more prevalent than it once was, but it feels like it. There's another person here who played for Australia's men's team. But now, okay here we go transgendering dominating women's handball. So the opposite of Patrice. Yes. Yes. Six to two hundred twenty pounds this person go and male to female transgender and playing handball I guess used to play rugby or Australian rules football or whatever that is. And really dominated there. I think they banned him her for that. Yes. So before the transition to female played for Australia's men's handball team. Scored four goals in a match against Kazhakstan and contributed a combined eight goals in matches against Japan and ran so really kind of dominating here in the man to woman transition. Australia one though twenty nine twenty four over Iran, and the result may turn out to be a gold worthy. If they finish in fifth or better. It also means that they won't have a wild card to share. I don't I don't understand handball rules, but due to the weight and the height of this person and the testosterone levels. He was banned from entering the Australian Football League the women's Australian Football League draft last year. So that's why. He transitioned she transitioned instead into handball and is now dominating handball. Handball that we're used to a different sort of handle. I think a lot of things going on in that story. I would say this is not a gentlemanly thing to do. Go from the dude sport into the female. And then you're dominating. Yeah. What a jerk. Well, it's what happened. You know? It's happened in high school sports. And it's you know, you gotta feel for the for the girls involved for the women involved because they don't believe it's fair either. And I guess their opinions and their sensibilities can't be taking risk jury risk. It really is. But look the league has weight specifications. And I'm sorry. He she does not meet those now six to two twenty a big woman a big woman girl. So anyway. Play with the men. Although she's not, well, maybe she doesn't. So to speak sorry. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three. We also have a fascinating story about a teacher who lost her job for not using the proper pronoun for transgendered student. We'll get into that as well. Coming up here on Pat gray unleashed. Christopher she. Christmas..

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