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The tools to be able to listen in president way a low depression all the time of the parents are still the parents definitely i think they're really important because they're the ones spending time of the kids if it's on the fan the schools right yeah it's a tough one because a lot of parents don't wanna touch the wanna talk about the subject because to handle it scared of it scared of the unknown we do we do with parents are also scared of being really happy and risking the uncomfortable effort to be really happy they they don't believe that there is a possibility to be happy all the time and so that they don't want to go for it to like figure it out like you said it took you seven years sleep train your brain to be positive it's taken me years to i can't remember maybe two thousand thirteen was when i really two thousand twelve was when i really started to like shift my mentality and change my brain structure like my actual brain you change gray matter in your brain to like the positive so it's like it just takes so long but it's possible when there's you know feeling so deep in it it's hard to even look up when i the whole whenever and being like hey it's going to take you six years to change your brain you know liquor two years or three years or whatever it's like you're like fuck that absolutely and i think for us who've that will be forever practicing it'd be forever trying is look at the gym on going to the gym yeah for example even if you're socking salsa shit cell phone next time you have to ride when you're smoked everyone in there anyway yeah i'm gonna crush soul this race right competition right it's like go to the gym to do pushups situps bench press whatever it is saul sokoll but you gotta that because for number of different reasons and you keep going to the gym avenue few is at your feet est paik physically you still got to the gym the.

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