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Had a strong start in Utah but faded late in a one 21 12 loss to the jazz that west on cell junior called a tale of two abs. Play with some pretty good pace in that first half. Pretty good ball movement lost a little bit of that in a second half. And obviously the three point line. But you talked about a pregame that the value of that for them is huge. And they made some tough ones off the dribble, but we knew that at the strength of theirs. Utah made 16 of 35 from three point range 9 more made threes to overcome the wizard's 56% shooting. The capital's winners of three straight and 8 of their last 9 after a three two overtime victory in Ottawa, clinched by Marcus Johansson's goal, just over two minutes into the extra session, but he told NBC sports Washington, special teams is to thank for the win. Yeah, absolutely. I feel like the guys are buying in. We're blocking shots and we do whatever it takes to keep the puck out of our net and that's weird to see chems out there at MIT and those kills brought us some momentum going into the end of the game and was a great team win great Roy again. Darcy Kemper made 23 saves in his return in nets and though Alex Ovechkin remains at 800 goals he did have to assist and became the all time leader in shots on goal with 6211 and counting. In college hoops, Marilyn Cruz to a 75 45 victory over Saint Peter's to snap a three game slide, GW has lost three of four after falling to Washington state 66 64 and Americans saw their 8 game win streak end with a 64 61 loss to Siena. The commanders announced chase young will make his season debut on Saturday in San Francisco on a 12 to 18 play pitch count cam curl and Benjamin saint juice though, our questionable to play each with ankle injuries in a prime time game rife with AFC playoff implications, the Jaguars beat the jets 19 to three and take the inside track on the AFC south title. Rob wood fork WTO sports. This is WTO P news, at 1147

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