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A nationwide network of satanic criminals exist. Child molesting is a crime that most parents worry about it one time or another. That was Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera and from NPR's Morning edition, the late Carl Kassel. All reporting in the 19 eighties on a wave of moral panic about satanic ritual abuse. Married the young is a retired sociology professor from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. My primary area of research woz in moral panics, particularly the daycare, moral panic of the 19 eighties. So is a person who spent your life researching this. What was your first reaction to hearing about Cuban on here we go again. Really? Yeah. Right out of it. Eight, huh? Right out of the gate. Understanding What happened in the 19 eighties with that satanic panic can help us understand what's happening right now, With Q and on, so let's go back in time, almost 40 years to that morning edition report from 1984. Reporter Frank Browning described horrific allegations at the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California Prosecutors say teachers that make Martin's school threatened the Children with death and crushed live animals before them as warnings of what would happen if they talked. That was the prosecutors claim. The defense attorney was this guy. I'm Danny Davis. I am a criminal defense attorney of some 45 Years and Beverly Hills, California 45 years. And what about six of those were spent on one high profile trial? Yeah, the McMartin case somewhat like 84 to 91 when it ended newspapers describe the McMartin case as the longest and most expensive criminal trial in U. S history. I thought it was a case of our times. Prosecutors charged seven employees of the McMartin Daycare Center with more than 100 counts of child molestation and conspiracy. After a trial that stretched on for years and cost $15 million. No one was convicted. The only real evidence was testimony from Children who we now know answered leading questions from therapists. Here's the graphic description that one anonymous preschooler gave on the ABC program 2020 in 1983 Chyna's pictures. And Brad is that were burned alive and they said, this is what's going to happen to you and the rest of your family. If you tell kids testified that they were forced to dig up coffins and drink blood, they told their parents that rituals took place in tunnels under the McMartin preschool, and she said, This is where the tunnel Woz There was no tunnel there. I didn't see any tunnel. I didn't see a break in the wall. I didn't see anything. But she said, this is where we went through the tunnel. The FBI went looking for those tunnels. There were none. There were no animal corpses, no visible injuries on the kids. Nothing to indicate that any of the Children's claims were true. The preschoolers said one employee named Ray Buckey could fly. Danny Davis represented Bucky Early on. Davis identified this as a case of what's called social contagion. He started researching earlier. Moral panics like this one, and I saw clearly There's a process on a timeline that starts with some sort of scandal or change and as a small society that develops a very forceful agreed upon accusation. Against a target or scapegoat. The phrase social contagion implies that the idea catches on and grows, which is exactly what's happening with Q and on and what happened in the satanic panic of the 19 eighties. 1988 Geraldo Rivera's program. Devil Worship, Exposing Satan's.

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