Apple, John Brennan, CIA discussed on Le Show



And he's on meet the press this weekend to uh again talkin in dark terms about the apple and it at we would acquire to quote a um a movie unfamiliar with the ball misquoted to misquote too much blood he perspective to remember there was just four years ago the john brennan than the uh head of the cia and belief at the time lied to the senate to the senate intelligence committee he talked this uh this on this on meet the press appearance about the wholesale violation of norms and protocols involved in the newness led devin nunes led republican majority on the senate and the house intelligence committee issuing this memo talk about norms and protocols what was john brennan lying about four years ago the cia upset that the majority on the senate intelligence committee at that time democrat was preparing to issue a report on the secret torture regime of the cia during the bush administration the cia had broken into the computers of members of the staff of the senate intelligence committee and he lie he denied that that happened and us several members of the intelligence committee several democrats called for his resignation at when the uh fight first happened diane feinstein who was then chairman of the intelligence committee said the cia may have violated the us constitution john brennan said her claims were quote beyond the scope of reason so the um the nature of the rhetoric is not new.

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