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Long as you got a job, and you're working 'cause I'm okay with you. Save money coming from the person who's never at home me your home today's week three day three three days a week. So from the person that's here like seven days a week, unless I'm traveling, you know, for worker, something we'll tell you what's going to have to sit out limited. No know all you keep saying that ship. But I guarantee you there's going to be less than a week after this house is empty when both kids around the house, whatever that year, it'd be that might be two thousand forty six. I don't know. I know you're going to annoy I'm gonna get a cough, and you're saying, I don't think I'm depressed. Miss my kids afraid, I'm so lonely. There's nothing come. Conversation, accrues shifts, a nice little island, a girlfriend trip with from you with you, many are rollover and say it to you. But I am ready to be an empty nester. And I don't feel bad about it. I have given giving giving Anga shit lift to give I'm ready for these kids to fly the coop. And. Parties I live south. I'm excited lives in a lot of invitations about graduation now party. I don't want to go to and, but I do feel seeing if you send me a card inviting us to the graduation, I still put the hundred dollars in even if I'm not coming to the party to congratulate your high school going graduation. But if you are having a party, can you please make sure there's enough food for everyone. I hate going to parties, and I finally get up there, and it's like one Meatball that so that puts me in a position of do. I take allows me ball and look selfish for me. It could be meatballs. It could be a finger sandwiches. We'll be doing. Part of you went ahead of me. I don't care would not want to have to make the Troy's of taking the last one. That's all I'm saying is. Have my fans in my podcast is on my side because they are both like, you're you're right. That's how you build generational wealth. Let your kids stay stack their chips. And then when they're ready to go go who was living rundown apartment. Seriously. The college experience of being on your own living on your own has some value to your life while I didn't go to college all young and pregnant, so I didn't have a normal college experience saying, how did college.

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