President Trump, ABC, Pennsylvania discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Going to be the Sunday the return day in response to T Essa opening more security lines to allow for more distance between passengers, and it's working on technology to create less close interaction with T Essa officers like Stone. ABC knew another 778,000 out of work. Americans filing for unemployment benefits last week. That's up from the previous week and adding to the million's already out of work in this pandemic, relying on government assistance. What's left of the cares? Acts stimulus is set to expire next month. Food banks reporting an increase in demand for meals. Wasn't intellect Joe Biden will offer a pre Thanksgiving address today, President Trump vowing to keep his legal fight going in this election, even as more states certify their election results and a trip to meet with Pennsylvania State GOP leaders is now off. The White House never said officially of President Trump would travel to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today to join the gathering of a handful of Pennsylvania State Republican lawmakers who are meeting to discuss the 2020 election. But just before noon, word came from the White House that the president was not making the trip. Sources told ABC that the present His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, had been pushing for the president to go. But senior White House and campaign officials spent Monday trying to convince him not to Pennsylvania certified. It's election results on Tuesday. Joe Biden leaves President Trump by just over 80,000 votes. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington You're listening to ABC News. This is an advertisement paid on attorney just three insurance. They're all about finding you. The lowest quote, not earning the highest commission call 18885117722 or visit as three a insurance dot com from the stray Insurance traffic Center, dolphin westbound between Red Road a mile in dairy. A car fire has a left wing block. Stop and go Traffic from Lejeune Road, Take Flagler as your alternative. This report sponsored by Merrill 3 95 eastbound before Biscayne Road Construction as a left wing block, looking further north Broward County 95.

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