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We've been tracking too. I mean they're all it's all kind of one story but has divided into several different stories. This point which is the acquisition the investment and then the acquisition of k. k. w. beauty and kylie beauty into cody. And how cody which is a conglomerate that owns lots of different brands obviously k. w. and kylie were kardashian brand seed beauty was the their contract manufacturer and now it's become very complicated. See beauty was suing k. K. w. an kylie over sharing trade secrets with cody. And now they're sort of genius or not so genius trying to rebrand Katie only and reformulate to be like vegan and clean but when we all really know what they're doing is they have to make formula so that they're not using see beauties. ip and like they can serve accord allegedly. I didn't even put that together. Just released this morning and i was like. Oh of course. They're going to get on the clean. We're all using the in the air quotation marks. But they're all going to go down that train. But i didn't even put it together that it would be because they can't use those formulas from yeah. Yeah and if there's one person who i don't think gives a f- about clean beauty. It is kylie jenner. I love her and chris. I don't think i just do not think that. That is where their heart always make. Fun of courtney for being that girl i yeah. I think that they're just fine with With with all the with all the the beetle juice or whatever they use in yeah die. There's post in. Their kitchen

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