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Road and east made current local average North Texas to forty-one down ten cents a week and fifteen lower in a month in east Fort Worth is after noon. The carmax at I thirty in east. Chase was evacuated after someone there found what appeared to be a suspicious package inside vehicle. The Fort Worth fire bomb squad responded and collected the package. But Mike dribbed all with Fort Worth fire says it was a false alarm. Firework. The scene was quickly cleared. Possessing fireworks is illegal in Fort Worth here in North Texas. The American Cancer Society is looking to increase awareness of. HP vaccination. For the vaccine across the state of Texas currently sits about thirty nine percent that have completed the series of two shot that ranks forty four. Of the fifty states in the United States. The cancer society's Jeff says that the state health officials recommend all eleven and twelve year old boys and girls get the shots, the HP virus affects eight out ten Americans. It's, it's probably one of the most common viruses that most people get for most, it doesn't have an impact on later light. But for some that virus concern into six types of cancers that can cause including cervical in throat cancer has HP vaccination rates will rise with greater parental awareness, and more recommendations from pediatricians the yellow rose of Texas, and all other roses to are in danger, from the rose rosette disease. Carol these Mitch car has the story, Texas, IM's, Dr Kevin long says the rose rosette disease is very prevalent in the eastern part of the country, but it's now showing up in several parts of Texas. And when it hits the roses, the only option is major gardening surgery. That has rose prevent disease. We do recommend that you get rid of it trying to get out the whole plan, basically bag it up or cut it and quickly bag it to prevent the mites from being able to scape, and perhaps scary. Something else. Mitch card, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Well, if you're mulling over what to do this weekend coming up next? We'll have around town with Melissa Harrison, plus traffic.

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