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Valencia town center in valencia awesome town listening to heal listening to tim come with junior last night talking about awesome town and saying that you really can't name yourself awesome town someone else has to it's like coling yourself the cool guy you just can't do it like if somebody says hey there's the coup guy it's totally okay but gary and shannon out the westfield valencia town center we're going to shift some things around because of the the quality of the wine there um we were so hopeful to put all this together in a short amount of time because of the need this out there and we want to support that was us oh excellent so uh eh i just wanna go down the list this is for all of our stations here in los angeles kiss fm coast my fm real altes and of course a and five seventy kfi were out throughout southern california raising money for great great organizations like the red cross plus humane society of ventura county ellie fire department foundation and dove in turkey joining fire department widows and orphans assistance so it really is a great cause we're all over the place john and ken were supposed to be out there uh we will not have john akin out there today at the valencia center but we will have people collecting throughout the day right now let's get an update from chris on carlo going on there at the fire lines chris neil are sarma i'm good i'm scared i'm uh i'm up in kind of on the border here between summer lindan bonnet sito there's a there's a rage i'm like in the name the road because the nuba who is actually having problems with a lotta looking lose coming on offense mesnell traffic run here and there and their children everything out but um it it does offer just a panoramic view of this fire that creeping down the santa barbara front country here uh some modesty though of course got incredible you mm expensive shall we say homes uh that are is borrowed into the mountainside here and for the last uh last couple of days the fires thin flow we working its way along the ridge line three corpus yeah and eventually working its way in the direction of santa barbara firefighters of course wanted it to stop afford even get that far lending in the.

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