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Good. Bye. We've all heard the phrase, the third time is the charm. Nothing charming about the fourth time for one Randy Gregory of the Dallas Cowboys suspended yesterday in definitely again for violating the NFL substance abuse policy for a fourth time while he was thirty of the thirty two games over two seasons. As a result of his first three suspensions. Look like he had learned his lesson. He just had his best at ticipal year ever discussed season career. High six sacks and fourteen games. Not clear how long he's gonna be out. But you have to figure it's going to be substantial. And I think the really really really safe money is the Cowboys say we tried good luck. And last. Yeah. But see in Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving under evaluation by the league for a potential suspension. He is suspended for any part. If he suspended for any part of this season. It'll be his third suspension in three seasons. Now, the good news. There is not gonna really cost Dallas anything because he's a free agent. When league begins in March March thirteenth and the Cowboys haven't given him any indication that they're planning on bringing him back Irving coming off his second straight year in which he was suspended for the start of the season for a violation of the NFL's drug policy. He thought Robert Kraft had. Forsythe commentary coming up at seven ten right now. Rush Limbaugh brought to you by Dury's guns..

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