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Twitter, Justin, Michigan discussed on Mark Levin


For Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before any additional coronavirus relief can be passed I am thinking about re opening and you've heard that the trial lawyers all over the country sharpening their pencils McConnell is proposing this litigation protection for healthcare workers hospitals and businesses from being sued for coronavirus cases he's also dismissing including infrastructure is part of the next package of economic stimulus arguing it is unrelated to the pandemic that is already forced Congress to add nearly three trillion dollars to the national debt Jared Halpern fox news but the house will not be in session next week Majority Leader Steny Hoyer saying after consulting with Capitol Hill doctors they decided to scrap the idea Alabama one of the handful of states easing it stayed home orders this week allowing you know all retail stores to be opened at fifty percent occupancy and social distancing we open up our beaches two gallons of less than ten without social testing is distancing as well governor Kay Kay Ivey hair salons onsite restaurant Johnny and James warming close through may fifteenth California governor Gavin Newsom is considering opening schools in July citing learning losses but no decision has been made Michigan congressman Justin a mosh is launching an exploratory committee for the twenty twenty rien party's presidential nomination Republican turned independent writing on Twitter the U. S. is ready for new leadership also today former secretary of state in twenty sixteen.

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