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But majority of these billionaires come from stock of people that concrete and cute the natives here, which are black people because we're not we're been miss called and terms and agreements have been made by other nations as far as how to a lot of land is this to begin with that confusion up. America days spoken. On your schools. Came to the drawing board at taught history as it is for each people were has separate schools respect gangs in this nation as nations of people small nations things we're actually reform because we won't understand who we are. And rice, we have here, which is only over everything. So I can understand why they'd be a compromising position. No. But I had no hatred towards the west on on because I don't feel that people should pay for the actions of up is even if it's family because everybody has their own mind, but today's times so that that's not in the heart of today's United States to change anything of what they've done to America and to America's which are copper colored people. James? Thank you for the well educated phone call. I appreciate the insight from Illinois. Mike in Atlanta, Georgia here on the Saturday night healed show. I do a Michael I'm doing good one video is actually on YouTube. But what he said real quick take your into the Myers of all black people. Once did you hear that your ancestors were slaves? It kinda messes up your view of America. You kinda feel like it hurts you any obsession that you know. And that's probably what LeBron James is thinking. Oh, I have to kind of disagree with him. Because some of those billion all members black people, you know, I don't know some of them may think like a flavor, but a lot of them help out. Those basketball players and change their lives. Those guys can never be compared to slave a slave. Didn't have a choice. These players have a choice now, sir. Apologize. I don't think. So because the be honest with you, we never got an apology for four hundred years of slavery. So why should he knows the politics? I agree. Mike. Thank you so much for the call in Atlanta. Matt in Cleveland, Ohio listening on ninety two point three FM here on CBS sports radio. Matt. Go to your or Yoshie in Illinois. You're on the Saturday night healed show. Are you doing bud? First time caller, this topic is very interesting first things first, I wanna say I applaud LeBron James. I only the way I agree with him. I applaud with him reason being is most people most coach, let's talk about cabernet, most coaches are scared to even talk to him, hence, white grooten even lie and say that they ought about it because of the repercussions if they can get fired. Thank god. Brian James is in a position. He only player he's the greatest player others there. So he has no repercussions. Nobody can touch him right now. Right. So I applaud him for speaking out because. We we had we cannot forget guys. We cannot forget white is hosting started capper Nick there was officers killing on armed teenagers that happen to be black. And we're getting away with it so much that in Chicago, Illinois officer just got convicted of murder, so guys I do understand you keep saying it's two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen what our president at just got elected. His slogan was make America great again. Now as minority as a Mexican American. What am I supposed to think of that? Where a president is literally shutting down the government. So he can build a wall. So big keep people that look like me outta here. Even though he's an evergreen spike is an immigrant. So I kinda I we had we have to be understanding because my question does not have two comments the previous corners. They happen to be African American. They say that doesn't compare well guys they have a job. Yes. But if they were to speak up, and they did, and they didn't even speak that he just sat down they'll get fired, and they wouldn't have a job. Yes. They're making millions. But the owners are making billions it's only fair to get paid millions. Right. And Secondly chief I have to ask you, you said that you'll be the modern day ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Slavery was going on right now with slavery is not going onto white privilege is ever so prevalent right now. Ever so prevalent. So what would you do what are you gonna do against white privilege? I don't wanna put you on the spot. But what if anyone, hey, I'll comment on that? And Yoshi, thanks for the call familiar. No. I appreciate everybody's opinions tonight. We did the show when Gregg Popovich brought up white privilege, and I said, okay. The privilege. I give because of my skin color. Is that I grew up in a very racially diverse inner city neighborhood. Morning into a family that divorced early. My father went back to Minnesota. My mom, my brother and me at three in one single, mother, welfare food stamps blocked cheese. Moved. Seven times and ten years, whatever the rent would get past two months do and I'm trying to figure out the privilege. Then on my elementary school. I think whites were close to a minority. I know the high school I went to was closed junior. High was closed. I didn't move to a suburb school, and I will say that the privilege is having the ability to live in a place where you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that's not white privilege. That's any preference. Spanich black white Asian anybody in America. An antibody who comes into this country legally and wants to chase the American dream. It's there it's not an easy process and always doesn't work for all. But the white privilege thing that. What I? Man. I I don't get it. I work my rear off. I went through a tough time. Twelve thirteen fourteen especially thirteen fourteen when I realized that was poor mom had a Chevy station wagon that a screwdriver started it, and we go down to the K mart not hide lay down in the back seat. Because I didn't realize I was poor. I didn't see color on my little league team had. Lot of Hispanic kids black kids white kids. When I moved to a suburb school as a sophomore in high school. Sparta michigan. There was one black guy. He was Dennis Hayes. Running back on the track team. The only guy could really listen to my Rick, James and parliament. And. Goethe's house and. Again, he was the only black guy in the school. So is that a product of society or just where you live and where you grew up is a socio economic. I really think poor has no color there is no privilege when you're poor because all you're white, and we're gonna take care of you because you're white and poor. You're going to have a better chance than the black or Hispanic or Asian kid who's poor no way. No way there is there is no fast pass. At the poor amusement park. There's not. And I've lived it, man. I had to go to a body shop, and it was in my old neighborhood. And I just drove around after stop by the body shop where I grew up in looked at the homes, and I looked at where I lived, and I looked at where I'm at. Forty years later, forty one years later and I worked hard. And I made mistakes, and I had good people around me. And I don't think I was ever rewarded based on the color of my skin in my life. No. I've done a talk show. Into my twenty-seven will be twenty seven years started in April of nineteen Ninety-two April. Fifteen nineteen Ninety-two KT, okay? In Oklahoma City. With the Tulsa went to Austin went to Chicago. ESPN game night on radio filled in for the sports, babe. Like, I've mentioned. He'll be twenty seven years coming up here in April. And when I look back at growing up in Burton heights. And I look I went and took my mother out to breakfast earlier this week. And we're sitting there, and I'm just thinking about my journey. And I I don't think she ever made more than seven thousand a year, and she's happy. And I think about how hard work and chasing a dream. Where the keys to success not white privilege that I had the fast pass over anybody else who was poor in that same neighborhood or any other poor person listening anywhere right now in the US and Canada. Four has no color child born into a poor family. There's not white privilege. No way unless you live. So again, same thing. Like, I it's. Have I been discriminated against? Yeah. Was I called a honky when I was in junior high. Was I made fun of at times by black white Hispanic people at school, right? And then you throw it back the other way. The man white privilege bothers me it really does. If you've ever had the us food stamps or your he got turned off or you had to boil water to take a bath or wash your hair for school. Now, ma'am. No, no fast passerby in poor in America. This show never ceases to amaze me when we take a topic in sports and turn it in to a great broadcast with opinions from all across North America. Thank you yourself. Oh, thank you McCain. Thank you. John fast, j t the brick is coming up twenty four seven you can drop your huge opinions at Saturday huge on Twitter. My number two does not look like a number two. I don't know what to call it. Is there? A.

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