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The program very often want to get the agenda gunboat crew and and obviously realised program maybe perry to get the gun you've got the dinah event so they're walking to thin line but yeah a good showing a little more independently bill that they can again in the all time there also road the same way on a mode again diamond the gut feeling tapped overhaul and reform and in in the budget so the kind of a to a short it's is not just the politicians the ceos that we saw leaving those advisory councils members of the lighthouse arts commission has resigned as well and and there have been others do you see this showing maybe supports law thing off or is is this just another hick up another thought and the road a good question remember when a candidate mr trump that mr trump uh know criticized the mexican american judge and there were enormous outrage at that time but he got elected we've moved on and again that what i'm asking where do they go from here democrat have trotted out a resolution by only signed by going to grab and the question being a republicans still hope kind of sort of blows over or or or enough with them energi now you actually do something really this this coming out against trump by corker and others carry a risk for those lawmakers we we saw president trump this week uh go on the attack against arizona republican jeff flake trump called him toxic and he's back to primary challenge for caucus cut others is is that what might come next also he went after uh senator mccain gun agree and and lindsey graham and that can be met through operation he he lashed back when people why should and particularly koa republican clash with him but i wanted to get that what you said which is really important about what's going on on capitol hill in why lawmakers feel like they have to walk that line because they need him to get things done but at some point do we reach the point of diminishing returns where he sucks all of the air out of the room they can't get anything done it is far too distracting and they have to do something else take a different path and if so can they do at do that without the.

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