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Favorite movie. Maybe my grandma. My Grandma's doing and I'm sorry to make a joke about that uh-huh that's the title is episode started out. Sorry Kevin Episode This happy Thanksgiving giving happy. I I think there's things in other countries maybe that probably not it's a very specific American holiday. I'm so glad we didn't do if whatever you think before podcast but I am for you guys and you Brian and you guys all thank you for watching Check US out at Patriot Arkansas Valley because public post up. You don't need to be a patron to get all the links twitter as a pin tweet. If you're late to get ticket links Yet Denver Spokane Spokane Tacoma Salt Lake City San Francisco with Chris. Paul show and it'll all be very fun and and we've We've been doing some really fun stuff on the Youtube Channel if you've missed it it's a lot of stuff or super proud of So bummed about that. Say on that We got A. We got a great chance video with Whitney and TRICIA. We've and David Ross came out. We've got these board game videos. That were super proud of to check out Tattoos tourists one. Which is really fun? It'll be more more new your show before the end of the year. We're trying to up our game and I. I hope you see it. I hope appreciate it and Other things that were doing that it you do. You have any personal stand up shows or anything. No no no Kevin. Do you have any personal projects projects coming out. I have one in April in Washington DC. I'm okay shocking. Washington spokane Washington Steve's hand hurt hurts and that's why he's not here today so give him love Got Kidding you WANNA play anything I do you plug while I bring this up. Play anything I I wanted to say on. Read it. I saw this morning Flavor bubblegum come from NASA. She wasn't supposed to be glue. was like you set up a joke. You just answered a question. I thought gum was was originally supposed to be an adhesive. Wow I didn't didn't know that but no the wrong. Yeah we'll the flavor of bubble gum like. How could you describe the flavor of bubble gum? That's where okay so uh-huh oh you're saying because bubble gum bubble gum that makes bubbles. It's not based on any chose the flavors what you're saying it doesn't mean it doesn't it. It doesn't originate in anyway right. Is that what you're saying like there's there's no yup also though bubbles go Tanzania what really gum tree a Taiwanese I love that Joe and hate it at just like like everything. We all right Because I want to do a shadow for Charlotte. She is one of our hundred tears on patriotic This is a uh-huh very bittersweet one so stick with me but I I'm really excited To to give her what she needs she wants us to give a shout out to boo It's her dog. That recently passed away way. She got her after her first appointment. And she was there through a divorce after her first deployment the dog was deployment a divorce and the loss of her first first child and Was By our side. Time had her for eight years and was her best friend always there for her she was struck with a sudden illness called Addison's disease which should that But she says keep a close on your pets everybody always pay attention to them and love them. And there's the foresight of anything going wrong. Get them checked and rechecked immediately. She will always be missed and he she just wanted to give her an extra special shoutout from The podcast so named named Boo. So everybody Let's say Shadow to be one three one two three shout out. Can I say something on the note of veterinary stuffer for last There I think is a misconception about veterinary medicine where people take their animal to the veterinary clinic. And then they look at the bill and they're like they're gouging me like this is not good prices For one no. They're not prices because it's expensive to have a pet but also the majority thirty of veterinary Income comes from people who are like the top tier clients people get their dogs checked every six months like they do all these crazy things to like. Give them extra care. Are they buy the insurance. They do all that stuff And so the the veterinarians are not typically trying to get their rocks off by ripping people off and it would be nice if people had less hesitant to take their dogs to the veterinary veterinarian. Because most of them are are just going to give you what the prices is. Are there good and care and love and understanding and Charlotte sorry for your loss. But I'm glad you had an amazing Companionship Boo for the longest time Again chat to I love Charlotte and Yeah thank you for more support through this and Yeah it's a nice that's nice. It's hard to hard to come out of that. As a very somber. Yeah very sweet. Yeah I bet you put it perfectly If you send us a picture Bu We would love love to To tweet it and let everybody know how awesome was this episode. Was the fastest seeming episode of done. It was so thank you guys. This is really appreciate it Lybia.

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