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Florida happening here detroit her dave birch has grand kids in school and he's concerned about their safety after what happened in florida yes it's uh it's incredible what's happening out there uh it it does crossed my mind more than it ever has before and because of florida he's concerned about one day this happening to close to home yes i think with with it happening more frequently i thank god that something that we have to take into consideration and and consider the fact that that's that's a real possibility that it could happen just around the corner in the medical center ken rogulski wjr news 22yearold marquis crummer has been sentenced to thirty eight to seventy five years in prison for the death of detroit police sergeant kenneth style styles wife joanne speaking in court today foreign victim impact statement i hate the hey the my old william the half as he walked there his let me from fool as you lashing out from the pain in his part of growing offer that would the fiu side the cdc releasing new numbers that show the flu vaccine is not doing a very good job of keeping people from getting the flu here's correspondent john stolnis most of the illnesses this winter have been caused by a nasty type of flu called type a h three n two but the flu vaccine was only 25 percent effective against that type preliminary figures suggest the vaccine is thirty six percent effective overall and preventing flew illnesses severe enough to send a patient to the doctor's office there's only been one other time in the last ten years when the flu vaccine did this bad a job experts say the vaccine's poor performance is one reason why the us has been suffering from a surprisingly intense flu.

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