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One is three hundred sixty five. Three hundred sixty five dollars. Now with that price. Do a limo. Come and pick them up. Do they get lunch and dinner? Oh my God. We also have. Who's doing the massage you'd better tell me, it's like MC hammer, somebody hammers mother. So you would think about it already told her that I'm going to do something like this. Purchaser, a nice how much would it be to just come down on like cracker, mama tolls or something? You can do that in your house. I know, but I hope facility like that. I don't want to touch a momma's feats. And people pay for this to come down and get smacked him wrapped around they save their money. They come here and hampered themselves. Probably got to do something like this for myself, my knee acting up again. You'll drive by shootings Crips came by shot me in the land every time it once once it started getting cold like this tense up on me again. Why don't you give me a call back when you've decided on what it is that you let me check on my finances. Now, what about is? There a tour that goes through. There are here from nine AM to ten PM. We have to give you and your wife. Nice to walk through there. So they can give some steam on them, at least hair. Okay. What go with do you guys charge for the tour? Okay. You know, what will give me two to tour packages? Name the free. You just come in. And we'll give you. That's what I want. I want to. Okay. Do you get the robe with that with a tour? Do you have to take the name for an appointment? I don't want them to know that is just a tour. So when you walked in through you make sure that they referred to him by last name and make sure that they treat them, right? You have been a pleasure. Thank you so much. Ninety.

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