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John gavel family. I can I help you. Schuessel? You wanna get crazy in? We can get crazy. That's from the trailer for Jordan peels us which opens wide next weekend. Of course, appeals highly anticipated follow up to twenty seven teens get out it stars lupita Yondo Winston, Duke and Elizabeth moss. Now, I'm okay with hearing that little snippet from the trailer. But I think we're in the same position here. Josh I've been avoiding as much as possible any of the teasers that have been out there and any of the discussion about it as well. Which made it incredibly frustrating to be on Twitter this past as it plays in Austin, south most says, yeah, film Twitter was all abuzz, and I had to basically block out everyone not block, but I had to block out everyone because I just put Twitter down one and no of thing. No. I'm with you. I think I did see the first teaser if you had to be short and watch that come back and finish it later. Exactly. These later ones. It's been the case of sitting in the theater for something else that comes on and just closing my Isan pudding. My fingers Myers. I can imagine that actually next week show. We will review us and the madness, of course, will continue we will get to the eight best films of the two thousands. According to film, spotting listeners, plus the final movie in our John cavities marathon, nineteen seventy seven's opening night. We'll have more cavities talk in a moment. But we will remind you that you can go to film spotting dot net slash marathons to catch up on the cavities marathon, maybe catch up on previous marathons or get a glimpse of our future. Marathons we are rarely ahead of the game. But it does seem that we might just have our next two planned out when we settled on cavities we put that up to a listener vote. One of the contenders was Marlene Dietrich and with criterion releasing a little while back a set of Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich collaborations. We really do think that's a marathon we have to tackle between the three of Sam, our producer included. So we're excited. About that. But we hinted at it when we touched on the passing of this director recently, and I swear I've always said Stanley Domin, that's all I've always said the name, but it's DO any end. So can we have an honor production meeting and settle on the name Gonen? I think we're gonna have to investigate. I don't know. How many times I've said it out loud? And so we're going to really have a track record to go. Come back to it. We'll come back. We'll come back to it. But that filmmaker who made funny face who made on the town who made charade. Of course, also co-directed singing in the rain. We are going to do a marathon of his work. And we figure why not with the timeliness with his passing recognizing that he's a blind spot really for both of us. We should check out his films. I so I think that's our plan. We're going to Don or Donen. And then we're going to do von Sternberg and Dietrich. So we feel pretty good about on the town and funny face in trade, those three that I mentioned, and then there are a lot of options for whatever the fourth film could be to round out that marathon including two for the road..

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