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Have that field and I felt wonderful unless the hug Lloyd with he's dropped £100 skinnier than me. Half things wrong with that half a million doses of the covert vaccine in arms at state farm, So imagine being the 500,000. Person that that's their well, I guess that would be cool if you get some. So there is a woman named Judy Judy pulls up to State Farm Stadium. She sneaks around the line like Like so many other people have done. She gets to the pod where she's about to get the shot and they basically tell her she's got to get out of the car. What And there's no do see the governor and there's Dr Cara Chris and the Cardinals. Cheerleaders air here. There's big red. She is the 500,000 vaccine dose. And Judy joins us now on Katie are Hey, Judy. How are you? Wonderful, wonderful, Judy. You've got to tell me what happened. You get to the stadium today. You have no idea They're going to ask you to get out of the car when you pulled up to the pod. What happened? Well, I was just kind of overwhelmed. I mean, I just my friend and I, we were just going to go out for you know, we were going to get my shot. And then we were going to go to the grocery store. And that was our day. And oh, my God. It was wonderful. I got to meet the governor and I'm a cardinal fan. So I got to see the cheerleaders and the mascot or whatever he is. It was wonderful. I didn't have any idea. I mean, All the stars were mine. I guess so. When they when they ask you to get out of the car, you like crap. Did he do something wrong? Well, I just Yeah, Well, I thought what you know, because when I had my first shot, I didn't have to get out. You know, I mean, well, I did step out. Just put my arm out, but Well, when I saw you know the governor and everything you know, I I didn't I had no idea. I had no idea. That's all there was. Judy is joining us on Katya er she was the she was shot number 500,000. And so we found it. I found out about this. Judy, Your grandson works here at the radio station. Yes, he does have Dunlap. He's one of the best guys around. So I saw his Twitter and I said, Call your grandmother and get her on the show. And so he He made sure that we got your number on. I'm so glad that you got the second vaccine. Did you win anything? I mean, if they're getting you out of the car, you're the 5/100. 500,000 vaccine. Did they give you like a check or something? Or what did they do? No. No, But that was fine. I mean, you know, I got I'm so glad. I mean, all those volunteers are working so hard and the professionals and everything is run so nicely. And, you know, it was so nice experience, you know, it was a wonderful experience. So, Judy, were you nervous to get the shot? I mean, this was your second one. So you've already gone through it The first time was there any kind of Nerves or wasn't no crazy. Absolutely not of good. No, it's a wonderful experience. I mean, it's it's wonderful. There's just no reason for anybody not to get it. You've got to help yourself. Like that? Yes, to give the governor any your gripes or something like that to say. Hey, listen, heavens, No, I love the governor know, wagging your finger at him or anything. Never know I I admire him. I That was. I forgot even about getting the shot. When I met the governor, I just I was overwhelmed. You sure you got you Sure you got the shot, though, right? I did OK, that you don't even feel It is so gentle. And, uh, you know, it was no, it was nothing. It was great. You get big Red's autograph for a hug from big red or anything like that. They were wonderful, too. Yeah, I bet the little cheerleaders and everything. And uhm the guy that was there, you know, representing the Cardinals, and I did ask him or Larry Fitzgerald Woz why he wasn't there, but we gotta figure out if he's gonna play a retire, right? Well, Yeah, he's wonderful to Judea. Listen, I'm looking at a picture of you with Governor and all the cheerleaders you could fit in. Just fine with those cheerleaders. I gotta tell you. Oh, sure. Here instead of you. Hey, Judy. Thanks for joining us. It was fun to have you on. Appreciate your time. You bet. And thank you for calling here. Judy was shot number 500,000 State farm and she pulls up to the pod and all of a sudden there's all this commotion and You know, there's the Cardinals, cheerleaders and big red and governor do see and Dr Cara Crist and that's fun. That's pretty. You celebrated 500,000. When you go through that process to get the vaccine. It's really surreal looking with the tents and everybody out there whether to pursue your second time. So that's kind of funny, but the others that were out there enjoyed seeing that as well. Just think about this State Farm stadium. That venue has distributed more vaccinations than 50 countries..

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