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But also through the internet this past week. We had folks in every state of the United in the union listening to our broadcast, which are fifty states. But if in your Obama's world, I believe he said, it was fifty six states in the United States and also ninety two countries folks from ninety two countries last year. Less last year last week listened to the show either live via the internet or through downloads from podcast, and we welcome. Every one of our freedom base listeners around our country and around the world. What are the issues that we focus on and have focused on since the inception of this show in October twenty ten is your healthcare freedom, and I can safely say, I believe we've provided you information to enhance your healthcare freedom like no other platform. In the country or frankly around the world. And one of the reasons is because of the guests that we bring forward to provide you information that the bought off lame stream fake media will never tell you remember this. But off lame stream fake media's the same media that has told you that the Mueller report was gonna lead to the impeachment of President Trump. This is the same bought off lame stream fake media platform, if you will that not only said that, but they they told you that Benghazi was all about a YouTube and needless to say with our groundbreaking interviews with the whistle blowers. That we presented this past week on our YouTube for our platform and now with our YouTube channel, thanks to the generosity of the subscribers to our platform. Dave, Janet dot com. That allowed me to release the interview to the general public that we now realize that that YouTube scenario that led to Benghazi and the massacre in Benghazi was a lie. This is the same syndicate that has also lying to you about the benefits of Medicare for all in about more government involvement in your healthcare delivery system. I can't think of a better person to have with us to really shine. A light on the truth of what really is occurring on. What needs to happen is Dr Jane Hughes? She is a board certified, ophthalmologist, and optimal. Logic surgeon. A fellow of the American college of surgeons chain graduated from the university Iowa with a BA degree and received her medical degree from the great university of Texas health science center in San Antonio in addition to her private practice. Jane is a clinical professor in the department of ophthalmology at the university of Texas health science center in San Antonio. Jane wears many, hats, she is also the founder of a great organization American doctors, number four, truth dot org. American doctors for number four not spell it out number four truth dot org. Jane, welcome back to operation freedom row..

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