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Yeah. It's a lot like that domino's Domino's roses domino's their soldiers took sometimes with Andy. You got to find a frame reference that he can do and then the marble falls in the basket and the basket knocks don't like you what's slipped in a lot of these. Was Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton guess. What did you did you see that? Oh yeah thought it was great and knowing what she went through and twenty sixteen. I know how we probably all felt the day after everything happened so to see her. Be Able to speak so eloquently about everything. That's gone on documentary. I can't recommend enough watched comes to Hulu and March and just forget. Get the election like forget the election for a second. What this woman started doing in college the way she spoke up the way she was like singularly focused on advancing women and women's rights is just? She's incredible but it also talks about the election and the misinformation Disinformation and all that. But even if like even if she has a part in this it doesn't really matter to me like the way people hate on her is indicated it on her since her husband was the president it. Yeah just defies reason. Just it's just visceral people just don't like her and she's had had to contend with that was Obamacare Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton became president in his first term was trying to write healthcare in this country and I mean people people just did not did not appreciate it and and I think she is a great relationship with Ellen? And here's a little bit of Ellen. And Hilary Clayton and having a chance. Laurie hi I l on the last time you were here. You are sitting here saying that win your elected you're GonNa let us do our show in the White House that's right. I did say though. Yeah Yeah we didn't get to do it and get to know we did not but there is a different different kinds of show going on there is there is a show going on. I'm sure you're watching out talk to whoever's next and see if we can't get that done all right the deal. Yeah Yeah I wanNA yeah exactly me because I would like to do the show in the White House. Yeah Yeah Yeah I would love to do it. This is an answering to keep more dancing more Dan more dancing in the world. That's what we need happiness and dancing This is a big week. You're here the president was just a trump was just acquitted by the Senate of his impeachment. And does that surprise you. Did you expect that well. I wasn't surprised because it's a it's hard to get sixty seven votes to convict and remove somebody but I was still disappointed. Pointed that not more of the Republicans were willing to take the stand that Mitt Romney took Mitt Romney.

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