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Do. you just have to not give wrapped around the axle asking permission because sometimes for people to decide. They've got to go through all the ramp. This is the right thing to do so we did so. We had our first marine corps birthday and because of that then USA. Well Gee since the Marines Having their birthday all the services will have their birthday so they used a veteran's day the eleventh of November so the tenth to that. But the point was you know. Here's a marine that the Dow was working honestly wanted to have the marine birthday celebration proud of Viscera Jr. and so. That's that's what we did. The other is that Again following the lead that I had of of Getting you dirty I. I went out in Worked on the on the cars because the vehicles part of my responsibility. You'll appreciate this. I went out to the airplanes which are also part. Usa responsibility got a chance to to replace things a generator and realized how difficult it is to work on. An I'd worked on cars little bit before but there's not much room in her plane and it came out with busted knuckles and so and I'm sure that afterwards though the mechanics michener that I didn't screw it up but but but the point was there I am in coveralls seeing what they did again an idea of what the ask him. You know How how can we make things better? Do you have any ideas? Any thoughts and so forth then to get that direct feedback The same way I would in the Marine Corps to appeal of C What do you think of this idea? What do you have any thoughts hard? We can make this better to get that feedback and not that every idea is going to be a good one but but people appreciate being asked and tavern important so often I I realized that and with any kind of change we automatically get into the how. Here's what we're going to do and so forth and I read a great book not just pass on to heaven. Anyone called man's search for meaning by Viktor. Frankl this book. changed my life and. I wish that I'd read it Much much earlier but in it he makes the statement that if you can explain the why most people can live with the how. Yeah if you'RE GONNA explain the why was people can live without. But how often in the Marine Corps in USA all through my life you know the bosses The the the heavy say here. We're going to make a change in. Here's we're going to do without explaining the Y you know what? What is it that we're trying to accomplish? Show me the picture. It doesn't tell me the why of it. What is it GonNa look like you know? How are we going to do? And so forth. But D- automatically get into the how without your take nest of explaining. Why just never made sense to me so that I think it was one of the things that I kind of picked up from. The Marine Corps passed onto druther OFFICE. I've had an opportunity to lead so those are just some of the things that I did Again getting around to know the people and to establish you know the boss who sits in his office is is is making a terrible mistake because if he sits there waiting for people to come in and see him. Many people not do that. Right gotta go out to you. GotTa show that you're assessable that you're willing when I had the two offices and Sacramento and then it's in here in Tampa My wife and I go in on Saturday morning now when we started the extended hours and I walked ron and employs a state. What are you doing here Tom? There's another aspect. I wasn't general. Jody to them. I was Tom Because I didn't want my previous rank to somehow be a barrier in our relationship and our Communications so what? Are you doing Tom and I said well? I'm I'm here because you're here. What do you mean by that is all? You're giving up a Saturday morning. Are you working on Saturday morning because we need you? The least I can do is to show up and demonstrate by my presence that I appreciate what you're doing and it was like Holy Mackerel. You know what a strange notion that one of the people who are on charge of us This showing up to To show his appreciation. And you know that's an again people see what has kind of gimmicky thing and so forth. I don't think so again you can. You can send memos and e mails and so forth. I love you care about you and so forth. Nothing is a substitute for showing up a quick story High School Basketball Player. All American went to college is an all American. I mean just a phenomenal player. His mother attended every game that he played. His mother never saw a single game that he played why she was blind. Wow Gee what did you blind? What does that mean well? The important thing wasn't that she saw him who said he saw her every game up in the stands demonstrating by her presence that she cared. You know that that's not asking a lot of a leader that that you take time from your scheduled to to show up those things that are important to to employs a birthday anniversary. Whatever if you get an invitation to something as a as a leader go. I don't care what it is your the people you're privileged to lead. Thought enough of you to invite you then by. Golly you gotta go Is it just part of? I think demonstrating that that you give a damn bottom well We're getting close in the time for this episode We are going to continue this conversation about taking care of your own I wanted to get to your experience. as you've taken this concept into being a college teacher college professor but I think the interest just keeping them trying to keep these around fifteen minutes. We'll just do a continuation in in continued that this discussion onto the next episode. So thanks again. Sage in these two veterans are asking. Mike listen a veteran on the move. Your Pathfinder to free tube if you like to show review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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