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News is eight thirty good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. President Trump has a blunt message this morning for members of congress discussing border security money as congressional negotiators work on a border security deal. Republicans have shifted from saying wall and are instead saying barrier since Democrats are against funding a wall, the president himself has been using barrier. Steel slats, even peaches saying, whatever you wanna call it. It's all the same. But this morning. The president says it's time to end the discussion tweeting, let's just call them walls from now on and stop playing political games. Adding a wall is a wall. Saga megani? Washington Texas economy, continued expanding in January, according to the Federal Reserve of Dallas manufacturing retail and service all showed gains for the month. Venezuelan citizens created massive street. Protests trying to force president Maduro. Oh to step down. A bipartisan group of US senators has been asked by the Venezuelan oppositions new on voi- in Washington to urge you repeated countries to recognize Venezuelan congress leader one though as the nation's interim president Senator Jim risch of Idaho chairs the foreign relations committee. We're all in honest. We wanna help everywhere that we can the US Canada and several Latin American nations have already recognised. Why though who declared himself Venezuela's interim president last week? In Venezuela to our national walkout, drew thousands to the streets Wednesday. Mike Rossier, washing Texas. Lawmakers wanted direct more money to state parks, the parks and historical sites were supposed to receive funding from the taxes on all sporting goods sales. It was put in place in nineteen Ninety-three. But by twenty seventeen they were getting only forty percent since nineteen Ninety-three. The state has collected nearly two point five billion dollars in revenues from the sporting goods sales tax yet only forty percent of it is actually been appropriated back to the park state rep John Syria, drafted legislation to fix this to add an amendment to the Texas constitution requires that the two agencies will automatically receive the full amount of these funds at the capital. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ is in the Lago vista school district have been called off for the rest of the week. Because of a big outbreak of flu one week ago. Mcdade school district in bastrop county had to cancel classes Lago. Vista officials say that either. Classes are canceled this week after school activities will continue at the discretion of the actively sponsor, it's eight thirty three at.

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