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At a failed stint in comedy, a failed marriage and no money in the Bank. Rodney returned to the comics circuit at the age of forty but these struggles along with his maturity made Rodney a better comedian his stage name on the other hand, Jack ROY was lacking. He went to a club that he had worked in the past. And and the club owner, always ran the names of the accident. Friday, paper the mirror. Rodney wasn't sure. He'd do very well. So instead of using the name, Jack, right? He told the club owner George mcdonagh just make up a name. So he made up a name. Rodney dangerfield. Rodney dangerfield. Starting to say listen to me. Surprise. Name was Rodney Dangerfield. It went so well that night. I thought maybe maybe that's the name. So it stuck in China became his lucky charm the name change helped, but the angry guy routine also needed to make over first thing he came up with with me nothing goes right million on nothing works, and he writes jokes accordingly to that every time I leave my house. My wife tells me to caller in case something goes, right Rodney's. New routine was working earning him bookings and more prestigious venues, but at the age of forty four riding knew he needed more exposure. Live from New York. There was no better venue at the time than the Ed Sullivan show. But unknowns had to addition so Rodney auditioned in nineteen sixty six and he killed it. But Sullivan proved to be hardened to win older. So the never called it. Well, they have to do man break. But. Rodney Dangerfield have two three long weeks. Rodney got the call to appear on the Ed Sullivan show on March fifth nineteen sixty seven. I'll tell you my.

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