New Orleans, Donald Trump, Congress discussed on Tim Conway Jr.


At airport terminals, Spending hours waiting in long, fast food drive thru lanes around 200 million Americans were under some sort of cold weather alert. House Homeland Security Committee chairman Congressman Bennie Thompson has filed a civil lawsuit against former President Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and two groups who took part in the riot at the Capitol last month. Thompson's attorney chose Sellers said they all conspired to incite the capital insurrection and violate the Ku Klux Klan act that prohibits interfering with Congress. NBC's Aaron Kentucky, says the lawsuit says Trump and others violated the 150 year old law by trying to slow down the certification of electoral votes. The suit is seeking unspecified damages. Family members of Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger have accused him of joining the Devil's Army for voting with Democrats to convict former President Trump. At the second impeachment trial. 11 of the congressman's relatives signed a letter calling him a disappointment, accusing him of being brainwashed and saying he's supporting abortion and socialism, which they call the ultimate sin Fat Tuesday looks a lot more subdued in New Orleans. So this year, But there's still more than a fat chance of having fun, all praise or canceled own bars a close even for take out orders, but thousands of homes have been decorated in the style of Mardi Gras floats. Local musician Troy Andrews, also known as trombone, Shorty, Yes, says it's a tough time for performers is only so much we can do on virtual and different things, but we we need to see people that need to play so I'm pretty sure once it when this is all over. It's gonna probably be the biggest year music ever. And when people go back to concerts, go see trombone, Shorty. Even a few tourists are spending the holiday in New Orleans says some say they plan the trips before.

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