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We're talking about you know your twenty twenty that you've got lined up and this fulltime riot and how important was twenty nineteen in that you a lot of drivers. Things don't work their way. They kind of just fe fade away. And just wait for that phone call and they start sending emails. They're not really. You know. I GUESS. You know in in. Pick BILL'S PICTURE. But you on the other hand you went. You know you picked up some rides here and there. Obviously you had a great run at indy. You did some stuff with midgets the Chili Bowl. Obviously you were talking about the Lamborghini series. You know. I know you were driving. What the the two seater. When you got a chance I mean how was that like staying in front of people you know how. How important was everything? We're doing and staying in the public eye. Did that help bring this ride in two thousand twenty together into really humbling experience. I mean you go from two years in a row of being. You know being the guy at the team. You're working working towards winning races. We were on the Party. My rookie year called so good twenty seventeen. I thought it was a building year into You know it's you're a three year deal with. This team really really enjoyed working with the guys that foyt And they they needed a financial solution that I didn't have And I end up literally a fish out of water So I it's tough. It's awkward it's annoying You know I you know showing up driving to Cedar or just walking around seeing all my friends doing what I love to do. And I can't do it Really tough so I see how it would be hard for others potentially go through that or even you know as an ego thing like kind of having your ego crushed and kind of going back walking around in a in a polo jeans every weekend But but it was what was necessary and honestly it was totally worth it. I mean to be back now. Full time I mean. I have so many goals that I want to accomplish still I want. I've been dying to get in the car at some of these track that I felt. I was quite strong and twenty sixteen rookie air. And I'm just I'm so pumped it was worth it. It's a very humbling experience. It's it's not. It's not what I want to have to go through again but you know I appreciate those for sure who you know who helped me out and who got me to the race track. Who let me stay on their couch in their hotel rooms race weekend at times Just to be there. Well I WANNA ask too because I had guests on the show. What are we talking few months back when his new TV show is debuting? Got Derek Feeler really well and I think one of the cool things about you is wearing the polo jeans. You're actually able to be an ambassador for Indycar and and then some of the charities and different organizations you work with you know but I know Derek Theater. I had him on the show. This is a motorsport show is like conor daily. I'm like Yeah Dude. I know counter day. Ladies I do that guy is awesome. You know and so I start looking at things. I look at things like that and like it did give you some opportunity to meet some people from other walks of life when you're full-time just wearing the suit concentrating on racing. You probably didn't get a chance to meet you. Know Yeah. Bully and and getting to get into the sports you know I got to meet a couple of people doing now which is really cool and dare. Garrett's the Great Guy Obviously the connection there is you know he's a type one diabetic myself Now is really cool to talk about that and kind of you know become friends you know through you know through that and obviously I had him out to Portland last year which lasted about five hundred yards but but it was still really cool to have out there and I'm definitely GonNa add another race this year. Hopefully if we can we can have people at the but But yeah I I got to meet a lot of people thankfully I in the car was able to use me and a couple of different ways and I kept telling us it literally use me. You have access to me every weekend you can. You can do anything. I involved cleaning floors. I don't care I mean I'll talk a fan. Do whatever you do and I think again that the brand and build the brand a little bit and you know it all at all positive and end so going back. I guess we wrapping up the I. Racing and INDYCAR series. We're going to shift gears and started. June hopefully hopefully go racing at Texas but I guess we got a big one left for IRA sing. I mean I gotta wonder you know. Obviously there's racing indy. Five hundred how? How how? I guess it's not a five hundred miles. What do they call like the seventy laps or something like that? I can't remember but I mean I. Is this a big thing to win? It's India right. I mean if you win this is like a big thing. I mean you know you know how I mean. I know these guys are having fun with it if you win. It's cool but I mean how big would be winning. The I racing indy. Five hundred B I don't I don't really know to be honest. I see it as a As something that you know whoever spent ten thousand hours on it this week is probably GonNa win. I am I gonNa do that absolutely. Is anyone else doing it that I note nope? Alex hasn't even done a laugh yet. He doesn't want to do a laugh until Saturday. Which is definitely not optimal because we have a practice race later today so I don't know it. It's GONNA be interesting. I I don't think you can predict it. I think are people going to be a little bit more. You know focused and dedicated towards and try to be a little bit more aggressive. Yes Sir it's and people. It is special no matter what and I would love to win. I think that'd be awesome But you just never know. I mean it's you could so easily get wiped out in the crash lap one and you could so easily get disconnected from eating at all if something happens though it's It's GonNa be a fight. It's going to be a battle. They're going to be angry at other people and I hope that we make it through the whole thing and show up at the end with for well and go back talking about India. Let's talk about the real India. I mean it's been around in the late summer temperature. I mean it's going to be humid as hell in Indianapolis around that time. You're in Indiana boy. You understand that I mean you know what what what are. We looking at difference wise..

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