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Buckley said, I'm a patriot, but I don't have one ounce of nationalism in me. A George Orwell talked about this. He said, you know, their patriotism is defensive and nationalism is offensive and it's, but there is some that and I think it's an artificial distinction. I think it's an artificial distinction and it's a term of political usage to throw at your opponents. But I don't think it really means very much patriotism and nationalism. Refer to love of country. Patriotism in the modern usage is taken to mean good love of country. Nationalism is taken to me. Bad love of country and some of the distinctions that the these people make will be that patriotism is idiological. It's just about ideas and that's why it's good. But nationalism is psychological. It's just about the blood in the soil, and it's just a unthinking, unconscious reflex of people to their to their own land. But this doesn't make any sense the French army after the French revolution was very idiological and tried to conquer the whole world because of not not because of blood and soil you would you call that nationalistic it people call it nationalistic, but it fits the definition of patriotism that people who want to draw that distinction make about the Nazis or the Nazis. Just nationalistic, they're certainly nationalistic but they were motivated by an ideology, but perhaps more than any government in modern history. They were motivated by an ideology the the Igali of Nazism fascism so is that patriotism will seems to fit the definition of patriotism that many want to talk about it? They if they sent a patriotism. It's all about ideals. And nationalism is bad because it's all about the just the tangible things in some ways. This is a little little NAS stick. There's a, we'll. We'll actually get to that. Probably later in the mail bag, but it also if patriotism is just about all about ideals and nationalism is not it's about the real tangible things. Then what are we say of somebody who is a patriot, they support American ideals, but they oppose the American nation. Say they support open borders. Say they support of voting rights for foreigners, say they? What about that? Is that what does that person is that of patriotic anti nationalist? What does that if you support the ideal but not the country of the ideal? What is that? That's a mess. That's total mess. And to say that NAT like your William definition nationalism imposes itself on others. Patriotism does not. It's defensive. Where do we see that in history? American patriotism has led us to put those values out to the rest of the world. American patriotism has great universal. Rising character to it and the west has a great universalising character to it and that imposes on the rest of the world, not always militarily, but certainly culturally economically, and that's a good thing. I don't. That doesn't matter if we impose American culture on the rest of the world is that nationalistic and bad. Therefore, resit patriotic the, you know, if there is any distinction to be..

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