FBI, Mcdonald, Shamrock Productions discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Every single meeting no one ever they're going undercover investigation under cover best I didn't think anybody was listening as a matter of fact I think a couple of them started out was Matthews I want to hear anything about an undercover investigation I command I say under cover and I'm gonna was alf tell it was his idea yeah we we talk about Jacksonville FBI being such a small office and small division they didn't really do a great deal of undercover work and so Doug Matthews pitch this idea that what if they pretend to be a McDonald's commercial production company that goes to the winner and presents a giant chac and they'll just show up and and filmed the commercial just to to be able to ask the the the people who were winners how they won the peace so they can compare to whatever they gave to McDonald's when they first claim the prize and then to find out what they did with the money because that's what they're gonna go and sees well his immediate superiors really you know aren't sure that this is the right idea but ultimately they get behind him and support him in this effort and it's it's straight out of a movie they created a production company called Shamrock productions and yeah because you're lucky because now with lucky yeah you're just lucky unfortunately not in this in a way this is all extremely entertaining and that kind of weird how many regular people seem willing to join in on the scam and tells we meet one woman who gets drawn in and her name at the time was Gloria Jean brown and.

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