Nancy Pelosi, Booker, President Trump discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Believe I stated I had Sir three concerns about what the impact of a call leaking might be if it was a perfect call would you had a concern of it leaking now well no I would still have a concern about it we can okay and what you thought it was appropriate if centrum past the Lynskey to investigate John case sick or to investigate Nancy Pelosi or to investigate best of all over the paper breath in a separate article cases now not a pervert but you're not sure about Joe Biden search search again I can only speak to what I understood at the time and why I acted the way I did at the time finally my colleague asked about well it doesn't aid get held up for all kinds of reasons MS for Booker of you ever seen military aid held up because the president wanted his rival investigated no I have not seen that we have seen that Mr Williams Mister Morrison I'm sorry our German I yield to the ranking member so you took a two additional minutes are you given our side seven minutes of course I recognize Mister Turner thank you and best of older miss Morrison good to see you again I appreciate your service that your country your service in government our country is safer today because of the work of of both.

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