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In one thousand nine hundred seventy eight eighteen year old. Dorothy Hoop straaten was a high school senior. Working at a dairy queen in Vancouver British Columbia single mothers struggled to provide for Dorothy and her two younger siblings so for the last four years ears. Dorothy worked at the CUE to help out by all accounts. She was hard working intelligent and stunning a fact that she he was completely oblivious to until during one of our shifts she match when he six year old Paul Snyder he walked into the shop wearing a long fur coat wrote lizard skin boots and gold and diamond jewelry. Dorothy was dazzled. She had never seen anyone so sophisticated he asked Dorothy the her name and they chatted briefly then. He drove off in a flashy black sports car. Dorothy never expected to see him again but only a few days later. Paul called the shop. He wanted to take dorothy out. Paul Snyder dropped out of school. At the age of fourteen his teen years were spent hanging around the biker gangs and pimps of Vancouver's Eastside. He knew oh he wanted to be rich. But a real job didn't interest him. Instead he gravitated towards various scams and hustles. Most of them involved women woman he tried pimping and groomed girls to be strippers but neither was that profitable. Eventually he turned to promoting auto and cycle shows us but a side. Hustle was never far from his mind when he met Dorothy. He found it as he told a friend after meeting her. That girl roll could make me a lot of money on their first date. In the winter of one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. Paul showed up at Dorothea northeast house in a long leather coat and more diamond jewelry. He drove her to his bachelor bad where she took in the skylights for rugs and platform bed. He cooked her dinner porter. Sparkling wine played songs on his guitar and told her she was beautiful. Dorothy knew that she was being swept. Opt Offer Feet in her journal. She wrote I was being sweet talked by an expert but I wanted to hear more and who could blame her. Her her previous boyfriend had never paid this much attention to her. Paul Bader clothes makeup and jewelry luxuries. She'd never been able to afford. There was only one problem. Nobody liked him not her brother her sister or her boss her mother. Nellie couldn't and stand him. They all thought Paul was rude entitled and Pushy he put his feet up on the coffee table at Dorothy House and flirted with other women right right in front of her door. These best friend asked her how she could stand it but Dorothy had the same answer for everyone. Nobody knew the real real Paul behind closed doors. He was a softy and he made her feel special. Before I continue you with Paul Psychology. Please note I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show psychologist just doctor Andrea. Bonner has pinpointed. Certain behaviors used by those who wished to control their partners early on in a relationship behaviors like attention affection and nourishment all seem positive things. We want a relationship but they can also be powerful tools. Used to manipulate others when other people start to complain or point out troubling facets of the relationship the victim is unable to see them. Everything free thing. Paul did in those first few months of dating. Dorothy showering her with attention. Buying her gifts even cooking for her made her his biggest defender but his most effective weapon was allowing himself to be vulnerable. A Guy who strummed the guitar and told her how he truly felt about her couldn't be that bad. When dorothy claim that Paul was actually a big softie she thought she was seeing the real him but it was all of Assad in the end her friends and families instincts were right after eating? Just a few months. Paul told Dorothy that he wanted her. To pose. Nude Playboy magazine was on a hunt for its twenty fifth anniversary playmate. The prize was twenty. Five Thousand Dollars Poff aunt. Dorothy was exactly the type. Playboy was looking for the sexy gorgeous girl next door. Dorothy didn't want want to pose nude. She was extremely modest and worried about how her mother would react. But Paul wouldn't take no for an answer. The argued even when dorothy broke down in tears. Paul didn't stop. He minimized her feelings. Posing nude wasn't a big deal until finally in May of nineteen seventy eight. She gave in all brought Dorothy to to a photographer named Ken. Honey who already had a track record with playboy can needed dorothy his mother to sign a consent form because Dorothy was only eighteen a year younger than Canada's age of consent. Nellie Dorothy his mother was in Europe but somehow Paul procured a signature and left Dorothy the alone with Ken.

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