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Now you may remember jeff daniels from the movie dumb and dumber and if you ever wondered while watching that movie will who's dumb and dumber. Let's listen to this clip and you will know exactly who i think. The bloody sunday for people of color was george ford's murder and white people said. I had no idea that we were only taught one side of american history. Better look into that. So i started reading isabel. Wilkerson tana coats. Carol anderson get educated. Because there's a whole we have an opportunity in this country right now to welcome in a america we really do. I feel the same way that there is strangely. Not only in america not in our the way we approach our civic society but in the arts There's there's reasons and opportunity where things are reopened. That never closed ever before to re dedicate yourself to first principles and white people are the ones who need to hear it. So mockingbird is harper lee to white point of view and it certainly is the story of atticus coming to grips with the fact that one of the big central questions of the play is. There's goodness everyone you just have to care enough to look for it. Is that true today. In two thousand twenty one. Is there goodness everyone not so sure. But you have to choose. Now you have to decide whether you're for eliminating or at least marginalizing systemic racism or you against you have to choose. You can't just sit back and go. Please cut my taxes. Look the other way. Well there's also a choice before that which is to acknowledge exists acknowledge it exists

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