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James Winston throwing the pick six back Bradley Roby with the score for used another box first possession of the game thanks instead of ten to three lead after one quarter late in the second quarter Tampa Bay would tie the game at seventeen at a famous Winsted touchdown pass to Justin wants in Winston there's plenty of talent still just twenty five years old but interceptions continue to haunt him for the Bali emotional about feeling good offer wants to drop the phone they want to stop this about what it is a little the forty yard line intercepted by the Houston Texans and that is going on in the chancellor twenty three to twenty call and ninety eight the rocking Tampa Bay Jim is what's it throws for three hundred and thirty five yards but also picked off four times as the Texans it passed the bucs twenty three to twenty used attended five Tampa Bay seven eight Stamford straight talk pride you by straight talk wireless connections with the wind they clinch the AFC south title for the fourth time in the past five seasons all under head coach bill o'brien you know the ultimate goal is the ultimate goal but I think we have done some good things here we've won the division four out of five years we want with different types of teams and we've done it two years in a row with a great young quarterback and and a really good team around him I think we've our coaching staff for players have overcome a lot of things injuries different things that have happened to stay the course and and I think any time you can win double digit James two years in a row in this league I think it's good I think it's I think it's something that it is a good thing but you know there's there's obviously other things that we're building towards in that we're a long way off we've got it we've we've got to keep trying to get better straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart the Texans AFC south champs but have loftier goals used to wins despite the shot Watson throwing for just one hundred eighty four yards no touchdowns and a pick he was also sacked five times but the issue with this one was clearly the more costly interceptions thrown by James Winston like said coach Bruce Arians the first one is quite on the route Justin is run out route the guy just water on it but blast from same thing but you just can't have them you can have that many going to the right guys those guys got a win to within one and one oh one he's used to guys when I won I won when he when he reads it properly when it went Jerry jazz to James Winston is still the bucs quarterback for next season reaction to the NFL network report this morning that the teams are you decide to bring James back for the no decision on any player we don't make those decisions so next season so James which tonight is future my primary focus is going to a football game and having to turn over free football game that's my that's my primary focus when I do that you know I'm would be a good quarterback a great quarterback James what's new with thirty one touchdowns this season but also twenty eight interceptions did beta is playing out the string Houston wins the AFC south also on Saturday it was a thriller in Santa Clara with the forty Niners coming back to beat the rams thirty four to thirty one Jimmy grapple with a late touchdown pass George cattle Robbie Goldwyn's about a thirty three yard field goal as time expires it eliminates the rams from playoff contention while the forty Niners conclusion topsy the NFC with a win next Sunday at Seattle also on Saturday was a wild one between the patriots in the bills the patriots going for their eleven straight here AMC's title buffalo whatever seventeen to thirteen lead entering the fourth quarter to Josh Alan fifty three yard touchdown strike to John Brown pager to battle back would take the lead on a Rexburg kid touchdown run with five minutes to play in the fourth quarter and in the end the patriots for the seventh time please for the thirty fifth time in the last forty meeting with the patriots again with their wouldn't today here in a week sixteen they're headed to the post season for the eleventh consecutive year has the AFC east division champions.

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