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The Mets way too much David freeze the pitch, today would freeze clinging That'll do it it goes to the gap the jolly Roger in Pittsburgh tonight Harrison, sleeping on home plate Dan rates is out to join the mob. Scene out by second base David freeze wasting little time All five. Runs for the pirates tonight Breeze five Mets for Josh Lewin the call wwl freeze went deep of Jason bargains is he'll at three runs over four and a third in his first start since June nineteenth started getting a little tired there at, the end is really dealer started dropping but he did a good job of keeping us where we needed to be and gave us a chance to. Bring in one of? Our better relievers Mickey Callaway MSN. Why. Michael Conforto a three run shot Brandon. Three heads before the game is Jubal Cabrera was dealt. To, the Phillies for double a righty Franklin. Six foot six twenty three years old who was the tenth rated, prospect, in, the Phillies four and six four two four Yara but better of, late two one with a two one six with twenty one punch. Outs in twenty five. Innings, in July, Mets, also signed better now fielder Austin Jackson they released Matt den Dekker. Brewers serious about making a playoff push they've acquired Mike stock is from the royals in exchange for a, couple of minor leaguers on the scoreboard the nationals drill the Marlins nine one max. Scherzer at eleven ks over eight innings read. Six Phillies four brewers with the giants Three one dodgers raised the Braves four one cardinals of the cubs five two Don Baxter decide the pirates six to American League Indians overpowered the Tigers eight to three Bluejays rock the White Sox ten, five Orioles panel the race fifteen five Rangers all over the Astros eleven to angels have been in the Mariners four three and ten in the Rockies. Finished off the as? Three one the future for the. Jets. Still a no show at camp we'll. Check that next WFAN twenty twenty sports time is five. Oh, three now little birdie told me that. I'm the most loved spokesperson on radio is nitro of course it's, not, true, people get very upset with me they feel I'm yelling at him, and let me tell you something it's passion it comes from passionate. Because I'm not just. A, spokesperson I, was, just not too I had broken bruised ribs all the time my. Wife get Applemans kicking me sometimes she Cronje's I may match but I'm in the bedroom let me tell, you I stop snoring not only did my my my ribs they healed completely I. Started getting a good night's sleep everything changed My life I'm telling you you. Might not like me because of my passion because I k-.

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