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Story at six oh three Santa Ana police, arrested teacher's aide who worked at an elementary school who's accused of sexually molesting at least three young girls. KNX ten seventy s Cooper Rummell has a live report detective started looking into the case after a twelve year old girl told district officials her former after school instructional providers sexually assaulted her two years ago. Subjective launched investigation. And during that investigation, they were able to locate additional female victims, corporal, Anthony Brittania was CNN. A PD says investigators are concerned at a in Fontaine may have violated several additional students. He was an aide at Greenville mentally and now works at Spurgeon intermediate. We want the parents to have those conversations with their children's if they come in contact with this individual, and he says if anything seems suspicious called detectives right away. The man was taken into custody at his house and has been booked into jail. His bail was set at one million dollars reporting. Live Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio frightening attacks on a homeless couple in a park in Mission Hills, the story from KNX ten seventy s Brian penny as a live report, I they were doused with gasoline and bleach in this most recent time last weekend Devon would park the attacker. What a step further woke up to the female screaming, and he found out that she had some acid or some chemical thrown on her. Shepherds her face in her arms LAPD officer says it's unclear if this couple is being targeted or if someone is randomly attacking homeless people. He tells KNX either way the homeless at the park will be protected with stepped up police patrols this weekend. We're going to be safe because officers know that this is happening, and we're going to provide extra patrolling the area. But you know, I need everyone to be is in years. Look after one another police do not have it ascriptin of a suspect. Mike, Diane back to you. Thanks brand..

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