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I was You know what the best part about that is? The reporters still had no clue. That's a nervous laugh. I gotta laugh. I have no clue what's going on Stock down for people that no one who Byron Leftwich is. Stock down to Williams. Hell and Kelsey. How many times you get a job? Patrick Mahomes past stock down to all three of them Stock down to the Super Bowl commercials brutal, absolutely brutal, Stock down to everyone bitching about the weekend. I'm not saying that was the greatest halftime show I've ever seen. It was not as bad as what people were making it out to be stocked down to the weekend haters on finally, Hi, Tom Brady haters. How you do it. It's your pals that guilt fear the officials who oh, Tom Brady's a system quarterback. No, that doesn't work anymore. He was in a new system in a new team. But weak excuse for you to use now. Oh, they cheated. Shut up! Tom Brady, seven time Super Bowl champion. Five time Super Bowl M V P. And anyone That's a hater. You get a big fat stock down. Zach Gil Show, CBS Sports Radio Big Thanks John Gacy is for joining us Also Sam Macho. Tomorrow to Pearson will stop by. We'll talk to the pro Football Hall of Famer Drue Pearce. And that's gonna be a fun chat. Brian Trey, Sticky, great job is always in a big thank.

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