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That won't work around here. You can't do that around here and like physics change within thirty miles of their house. Yeah and if a farmer five miles away. A successful in implementing something. Oh it rained moreover there may have or less or whatever yeah and it's basically just a rationalization of the mental limitations that we'd put on ourselves. I've finally found eight idea this presentation sometime. I give him a map of where where around here actually is. Look for the place for years and years and around here is one side of the property. Boundary is Ah left ear in the other side is right here around here exist burden that is you are right. Exit place where nothing ever works because we put those limitations overselves and you talked about the guys win the national corn yield contest like. Oh gosh she. You can't do that around here. Youth like none of those guys have neighbors that are producing six hundred bushel. I'm sure their neighbors saying all. I won't work around here either. And then you'd think how amazing six hundred bushel. Corn is and then you realize like you said corn plants only operating at peak photosynthesis for forty five sixty days out of the year. Like how much more can we derive from our land in. I think one of the biggest mental changes farmer could make is stopped thinking about. I raised coroner. I raised soybeans awry rates. Cobbler oranges or blueberries. Or whatever your crop is in say my goal. My job is to harvest. Sunlight and harvest rainfall an extract nitrogen from the atmosphere and have gas exchange in my soil..

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