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Well as worked on the FOX television series empire within that working relationship able with the stand in court character named KAI who is a love interest of defendant small lex character on the TV show. Additionally text messages between defended smaller in able revealed that Abel was a source of designer drugs for defendant small lead specifically since of two thousand eighteen and on several occasions defendant smile at requested able to provide him with Molly which is street name for that narcotic ecstasy. Messages generated by defendants small let's able specifically starting on the morning of January twenty fifth two thousand nineteen revealed defendants small at asking able when he would be leaving on his trip to Nigeria. This trip was scheduled to take place on the evening of January twenty nine twenty nine th of two thousand nineteen and it had been planned by able and his brother Ola banjo Ola Darrow who twenty seven years old two months prior after able confirmed the date and time of his trip defendant small texted able stating might need your help on the low you around to meet up to talk face face-to-face, then made arrangements to meet at space studios that afternoon where defendants smile at subsequently drove able to able to -partment in the Lakeview neighborhood. Right. State's attorney's office. I believe her name is Lisa linear, actually. Lisa. Maybe Risa might be Risa anyway, so she's the in the state attorney's office, the lawyer, I know people are going to hate me for saying this. I actually like Mark Eric now he is also presenting capper, Nick. And I call them what they said, let me talk to cabinet. I'll give him an hour. And you know, he started laughing, but that never happened. But you know, he's he's been a lawyer for like people like Michael Jackson light by on a writer. Remember shoes going through a tough time, Chris Brown Diddy, and then others. But anyway, so that's what's happening. Look, it doesn't look good. When you look at all of this. And what the superintendent of police said he Johnson, let's play a little bit of Eddie Johnson. The best cut we have Saone and let people here he was so pissed off as he laid out what really happened here, and what was presented to the grand jury which led to the indictment. This announcement today recognizes that empire actor Jesse Smolin took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his cO. Career. I'm left hanging. My head.

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